Game Engines To Consider

I have heard alot about unity games engine others like darkbasic torque ogre3d seem less in the limelight.
I like wintermute game engine for point and click adventure because of its name the current version is hosted on and the source code is available I wanted to make a Cinegen plugin for it that will let the background be a video whose playback is linked to character location vertical bars that control the characters zoom ratio. It would also be nice to do motion tracking or color coded boundary for character regions and collision detection
Love2D is another engine I like except I want to create a loader shell. I also think that a instead engine port to Love2D is very feasible.
I like The Instead Interpretter it goes beyond interactive fiction and creates a game outlet for many types of games but is not as fully loaded or robust as unity. I wouldnt make a 3D game with instead but 2D remakes of games like loderunner and text games like Kayleth are ported to instead. One of my favorite concepts was this quarantine game about aliens on the ice but it needs translation to english I think its randomized puzzle. The quantum cat is available in many languages like japanese.
Any Ideas or reports on other game engines like hammer shiva3d or ..... post a reply


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