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aec_slant pickups.jpg
Tilting the pickups cuts high tones from top pickup and cuts low tones near bridge this isolates each pickups individual characteristics and is a cleaner separation of sound.
Ember Autumn Rose Leona166.16KbFeb 26th, 2017
Acoustic To Electric conversion
Ember Autumn Rose Leona200.57KbFeb 26th, 2017
Midi Poison Prototype found here and at
Ember Autumn Rose Leona18.83KbFeb 26th, 2017
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"Dot O" this symbol is an O circle with a dot in the center. openInvent proposed that this symbol should represent ".org" in one character.
Punkroku@bitsfit.com473 BAug 25th, 2012
DOT_N.jpgPunkroku@bitsfit.com460 BAug 25th, 2012
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favicon.C.icoPunkroku@bitsfit.com198 BAug 25th, 2012
Reinventing The Wheel -Share this Idea!! [1]-signed.pdfPunkroku@bitsfit.com691.96KbAug 24th, 2012
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