VideoWrappr Review - How it Works?

Let's Take A Closer Look At How Quick, Easy & Effective VideoWrappr Is To Use:

STEP #1 - Create Your Own Template or Choose One From The Template Club (Members Only)

Your copy of VideoWrappr comes preloaded with over 50 stunning and versatile templates, ready for you to use in an instant!

Over 50 AWESOME Ready To Go Templates

Convieniently sorted into the most profitable niches online. 

Or simply make your own with our easy template creator. 

Where you simply choose your style of video from 3 engaging boosting options:

 Header Wrap

 Footer Wrap

 Header & Footer Wrap

VideoWrappr Review - This software automatically & convieniently optimises your wrap to the perfect dimension for your choice. 

STEP #2 - Insert Your Video

Choose any video you like - remembering to keep it less than a minute for maximum viral engagement. 

 Nearly two thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds (Source: Insivia)

Create stunning Video Wraps like the ones below...

STEP #3 - Add Your Text, Images & Gifs

Choose your Text Style, Size & Color.

 Choose From 15+ Fantastic Fonts

 Choose From a Limitless Spectrum of Colors

 Choose Your Perfect Font Size

 Choose From 15+ Awesom Animation Styles

Add Any Images & GIFs To Your Videos For Maximum Attention:

 Add Your Logo

 Add Your Branding

 or Any Stock Image At All

 Or Moving, Animated GIFs to Catch Even More Eyes

STEP #4 - Export

This one doesn't even need it's own step really - as it's as simple as 1 click and you're done.

So simple to create stunning wraps like the ones below...


VideoWrappr Will...

 ...Make You Stand Out

 ...VideoWrappr Will Boost Your Engagement

 ...VideoWrappr Will Make Sure Your Video Marketing Doesn't Go To Waste

SECRET STEP - The Secret Sauce To Get More Views

Ah ha! Yes, that secret extra step that VideoWrappr does that is going to get you video seen by 80% MORE people...

FACT: 80% of people watch a video on social media without turning on the sound. 85% on Facebook!

 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (Source: DigiDay)

SO VideoWrappr Is Going To Help You Yo Quickly & Easily Add An Effect To Your Videos That Is Going To Capture You Up To 85% More Viewers...


It’s as simple as selecting the bits of your video you want to add subtitles too - and typing in your text.

(Remember, your viral videos are going to be less than 1 minute long so this will take you no time at all!)

Or if you have a spare $1 - Simply visit Rev.COM and get them to send you a SRT caption file - ready to instantly upload into VideoWrappr. (Yep - it costs just $1!)

Use Your Wrappred Videos To Gain Massive Attention & 10X Your Engagements On Your:

 Facebook Ads

 Facebook Posts

 Instagram Posts

 Twitter Posts

 Facebook Page Posts

 To Sell Products

 To Promote Your Events

 To Promote Affiliate Offers




Improve Your ROI Across Every Video Ad You Run:

Now you're using VideoWrappr your video ads are getting so much more attention, your click-through rates have gone through the roof. 

Niches which seemed far too expensive before, have opened up, giving you a whole new range of opportunities...

And that means more ways to profit. 

Amplify Your Engagement

Wrapped Videos are proven to skyrocket engagement.

Video Wraps simply make more people, see more of your videos, more of the time...

As well as people watch more, stick around and buy more.

Making your brand and your marketing campaign much more memorable. 


Spin up a Wrapped Video campaign in mere minutes with  VideoWrappr, and you can easily double your conversions. 

There Is Nothing Else In The World Like VideoWrappr

Which Is WHY I Want To Offer YOU The Opportunity To Get VideoWrappr For A Fraction Of The Price On This Very Special Launch Discount.

In Fact I'm Going To Save You A Massive $148 Off The Usual Selling Price!

(That's A HUGE SAVING of Over 75%)

We are bringing this 'Top Marketer Innovation' to you first for a fraction of it's true value.

You are getting a premium video marketing service - normally reserved for only the biggest marketers with the largest marketing budgets. 

That Is Going To Put You Head & Shoulders Above All Your Competition.  

Plus we are doing all the heavy lifting for you, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

We host ALL your videos (which saves you money).

And everything is run from the cloud (which means there's NOTHING for you to download and no long rendering times). So all you need to worry about is creating awesome, attention-grabbing wrapped videos, and raking in the profits. Read complete VideoWrappr review here:


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