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WP Money Machine Review - Product By Ankur Shukla

Posted by Halan Review, Saturday, 2nd May 2020 @ 10:13am

  • Review:

    WP Money Machine Review - If your website is not making any M0NEY for you. Here is the solution - WP M0NEY Machine Plugin (download now) This plugin adds 20 Money Machines to your site in just 1-Click Now you can earn from not just one source but 20 different sources from your website starting today.

    Earn from Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Gearbest, Envato etc. The list is HUGE and it is endless. All these companies want to PAY YOU but is your site ready? 20 different sources in one plugin. You just need to add WP M0NEY Machine to your site today.

    20 Money Machines That This Plugin Adds to 20X Your Site Income.

    • Add Unlimited Banners in Posts & Categories
    • Create Your Own Adsense Style Text Ads
    • Add Adsense Code to show ads anywhere on your site.
    • Instantly monetize your site with Amazon Product Ads.
    • Recommend Ebay Products & Earn Commissions Automatically.
    • Show AliExpress Products Ads on Your Site in Posts & Categories.
    • Monetize Your Site with thousands of Walmart Products.
    • Show Ads from top Ecom sites like BestBuy & GearBest
    • Show Unlimited Clickbank Product Ads on Your Site.
    • Add Thousands of Envato products and affiliate links to your site.
    • Turn any text or phrase into an offer link using Inline Text Link Ads.
    • Add INFO LINKS style adverts to any text on your site dynamically.
    • Create image ads with text to show on your site in just a few clicks.
    • Add floating call to actions with HTML/Buttons to your Posts
    • Add a Top “Hello Bar” style info bar promoting offers and discounts.
    • Add a Simple Slider to show a SLIDE-IN advert with HTML/Graphics
    • Show a Popup ad on your site, on entry or exit, completely up to you
    • Add a top/bottom floating banner that is visible all the time.
    • Add a News Ticker style ad that can promote any offer or links.
    • Show Product Cards to promote Ecom or Affiliate Products.

    WP Money Machines Review - 20 Money Machine Without any Marketing Words

    • Banners Ads
    • Adsense Style Text Ads
    • Google Adsense Code
    • Amazon Product Ads.
    • Ebay Product Ads.
    • AliExpress Products
    • Walmart Products.
    • BestBuy & GearBest Ads.
    • Clickbank Product Ads
    • Envato Products Ads
    • Automatic Inline Text Link Ads.
    • INFO LINKS style HTML Ads.
    • Viral style Image Ads.
    • Floating call to action + Video Ads
    • Top “Hello Bar” / Info Bar Ads.
    • Slider CTA Ads
    • Popup ads
    • Floating Banners - Always Visible.
    • News Ticker for offers & links.
    • Product Cards for Ecom or Digital products.

Surge Review - Brand new app to drive traffic from TikTok

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 9th April 2020 @ 1:15pm

  • Review:

    Currently TikTok users have already reached 500 million active users every bullthing, using TikTok to drive traffic is a new and seldom used by marketers. But did you know that TikTok has enormous potential?

    Utilizing TikTok for marketing purposes is a good idea, but what if you don't want to record video in front of the camera? Surge is the solution, with this software you can search for video TikTok and can be publish on your Fanpage with 1 click. Not only viral videos on TikTok but also viral videos on YouTube

    With Surge you can sell your own products, affiliate products, collect leads and so on. What are the advantages of Surge?

    unique method lets you shortcut directly to getting traffic from TikTok without using it in the traditional sense…

    Surge Review - Which is good news for you because that means:

    • No Tech Skills
    • No Being On Camera
    • No Setting Up Funnels
    • No Previous Experience
    • No Recording Videos
    • No Paid Advertising
    • No Waiting Months For Results

    Most people that have tried to start making money online have bought into the promises of the various ‘Make Money Online’ products and know that unfortunately the vast majority of them fail to deliver. Leaving them feeling frustrated, broke and on the verge of giving up. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great products that actually do work and the only reason people have failed after buying them is that they haven’t taken action.

    I can go on about this point forever but I’ll save it for another time. Having been in that position of buying crappy products and feeling extremely overwhelmed. It is refreshing to see a new software by Billy Darr which has just launched and it’s
    called Surge which now makes it possible for complete beginners
    to crush it online.

    This Software Will Let You Get:

    • Buyer Traffic & Sales From TikTok, Fb & YouTube
    • First Of It's Kind TikTok Traffic Software
    • You Can Leverage Top Social Sites Like TikTok Facebook & YouTube To Drive Huge Amounts Of Free Traffic.
    • Personally Tested This So It's Proven To Work To Get Results
    • Provide you with The Software, The Tutorials And Everything Else They Need To Succeed.
    • The Software Will In Short Get Your Customers BUYER Traffic

    Other Sources:

Click Agency Review - Should I Get It?

Posted by Halan Review, Wednesday, 8th April 2020 @ 10:37am

  • Complete review:

    Ben Murray and Brad Stephens and we’ve partnered for the first time to bring you a super exciting and innovative product. If you don’t know us, we’ve been online marketers and software developers for over 12 years now, having done multiple six-figure product launches on top of many more marketing achievements.

    In the past few years, we’ve had over 40+ Best Seller software products with 10,000s users actively using and benefiting from our apps. Our products always deliver real-life results, they convert for our partners, and our support team is 24/7 available to help our users achieve more.

    Click Agency Review

    ClickAgency is a groundbreaking solution that creates high- converting, fully congruent marketing campaigns that generate targeted leads and sales for yourself and clients.

    By filling out a simple form or talking to our A.I. powered bot, you can generate gorgeous lead pages with targeted copy and matching Facebook ads and Google ads which are auto-submitted to your ads manager to start driving the traffic.

    Click Agency Features

    • Create A campaign with A. I
    • Create Facebook ads and automated Google ads
    • Create a highly professional landing page
    • Design is very attractive and interesting
    • Can increase your product sales
    • Free Commercial License
    • Very easy to use just by editing templates
    • Or you can also create a landing page with the help of A. I Robot
    • 100% Mobile-friendly

    My Opinion

    What I can say is this software is perfect for anyone who wants to increase sales using landing page or for anyone who wants to list building for a local business or another business.

    Nowadays lead generation is something that many people need, so many big companies spend huge advertising costs just to collect user databases.

    With this tool you can create a highly professional landing page that has been proven to increase sales conversions without having to create your own, just need to use an existing template, or you can use bots to create your landing page.

    The features of the Click Agency are very good for anyone who wants to create landing pages and collect leads.

    Click Agency Benefits

    What benefits will you get?

    • Very easy to use
    • 100% Mobile Friendly lead pages
    • Create an auto AD
    • Without having to spend expensive costs
    • Without having to hire people to create ads
    • Create an automated ads copy
    • Integrated with Facebook Ads and also Facebook Ads
    • No monthly fees
    • Free Commercial License
    • Can be used anywhere
    • 100% cloud-based software
    • Without the need of a ribet arrangement
    • Use A. I bot to create a campaign
    • Very pretty ready-made templates

Retarget by Adsight Pro Review - Retargeting Software

Posted by Halan Review, Tuesday, 17th March 2020 @ 9:48pm

  • Retarget by Adsight Pro Review - This fresh out of the new programming causes you to redesign your 'Retargeting'. Basically add one code to improve how you publicize to site guests. Get a good deal on your promotions and accomplish a superior ROI. Retargeting is the same old thing - in reality organizations around the globe burn through millions retargeting their crowds regular. Retargeting is the point at which somebody visits your site. At that point you pursue them around the web with promotions until they purchase. 

    It's very viable yet organizations are paying more than they have to. Truth be told a few organizations most likely compensation Facebook a large number of dollars ordinarily to publicize to uninterested or coincidental guests. It sounds insane however Facebook doesn't give them any choice to sift through intrigued, uninterested or inadvertent guests. So everybody is promoting to totally everybody who visits their site. 

    Whats the arrangement? 

    We call it Retargeting 2.0 

    It's another technique we've built up that permits us to possibly show Facebook's retargeting pixel when we distinguish dependent on a guests conduct on a customers site that they are an intrigued purchaser. 

    Whats extraordinary about this arrangement is it's sparing organizations a huge number of dollars, expanding their ROI and it's very simple to do. Actually you can energize organizations to $1500 essentially by redesigning them to Retargeting 2.0. All you need is a business who is paying to publicize on Facebook and this product called: Retarget by AdSightPro 

    It's a simple to utilize framework that improves your retargeting in practically no time. Just follow 3 simple strides to set it up and it runs consequently out of sight. Following guest conduct on your site and distinguishing who a business ought to promote and who a business ought to abstain from burning through cash on advertisements to target. 

    Retargeting is the absolute best type of promoting. It implies that you can manufacture a rundown of individuals who have visited your site that you would then be able to promote to with Facebook. Issue IS: The Facebook pixel is extremely constrained. 

    At the point when an individual visits your site the Facebook pixel doesnt know whether that individual is keen on purchasing or not. That implies that when your compensation Facebook to publicize to your retargeting crowd you are promoting to completely everybody. 

    Presenting Retargeting 2.0: 

    We didn't care for being compelled to pay Facebook to promote to coincidental and unintersted guests so we concocted an answer. 

    We call it Retargeting 2.0. 

    It implies that you just ever publicize to your most sweltering site guests. It spares you time and encourages you to save money on advertisements however create an a lot higher ROI. 

    You can perceive how it functions here. Retarget by AdSightPro utilizes this new 'Retargeting 2.0' innovation to improve your retargeting like a flash. Basically introduce a code to your site. 

    At that point when a guest visits your site our code tracks their action on your site. In view of your settings it discovers the degree of intrigue your guest has. On the off chance that your guest is 'hot' at that point it adds that guest to your Facebook 'retargeting' list. 

    On the off chance that the guest ricochets, is uninterested or plainly incidental then it keeps them from being added to your retargeting list. This is an extraordinary programming that returns the force in promoters hands.

Video Catalyst Review - 4-in-1 Video and Image Tools

Posted by Halan Review, Monday, 6th January 2020 @ 9:14pm

YouStudio Review - Super Bundle Of 7 Video Marketing Tools

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 2nd January 2020 @ 8:17am

  • I have been getting a lot of Thank You mails for introducing my customers to YouStudio.

    If you missed my emails telling you about YouStudio…no worries!

    Just go here NOW and check it out: YouStudio Review

    I also got a few questions…I answered them all individually. But then I thought some of you may have similar concerns but may not have had the time to write to me.

    So, I am putting out the most common questions I got along with my replies to each of them here…

    Q1. Do I need to upgrade my account to get the Commercial License?

    A1. No. Right now you don’t need to upgrade. Having said that, I cannot guarantee how long will this special offer last. So, my suggestion is that you act fast and get in.

    Q2. What if I am unable to use it? Will you help me?

    A2. There’s all the training inside the software to get you started. I have checked out the software. They have made it brain-dead simple. Anyway, if you still have questions, you can always contact support.

    Q3. What if I don’t get the results that I was hoping for?

    A3. That’s going to be really hard to achieve

Advance Video Marketing DFY Business PLR Review - How it work?

Posted by Halan Review, Wednesday, 25th December 2019 @ 11:06pm

  • Advance Video Marketing DFY Business PLR Review - Advanced Video Marketing Made Easy is a complete & step by step course on:

    How to make Money by Advanced Video Marketing.

    What’s hot and new in Advanced Video Marketing.

    How to do the things step-by-step in the correct way.

    It comes with Ebook, audio & video training. The course is developed by our own team. It’s not just a copy paste work so don’t get confused with PLR word.

    Front End Product ($7-27):

    The price will be increased to $27 after 4 days (Launch special offer). Your customers can get all this for just $7-10 ( 80% discount)

    Advance Video Marketing DFY Business PLR Review

    • Fully Rebrandable Training Guide
    • Doodle Style Sales Video
    • Complete Professional Minisite Template In 6 Colors
    • Mind Map
    • Cheat Sheet
    • High Converting Sales Copy
    • Promotional Swipe Emails
    • Animated Banners
    • Professional graphics
    • How to setup Video Training
    • Top Resources Report
    • Some Extra bonuses


    Video is the FUTURE of Marketing!

    So, Both Customers and Marketers Worship it.

    Also, there has been 15x increase of internet consumer traffic since 2017

    And, every Marketer wants to Utilize the Full Power of Video to increase Leads, engagements, conversions and Sales.

    That’s why Keeping the HUGE DEMAND of Video Marketing in Mind, My Friend,

    Dr. Amit Pareek has Just Released a Latest & Up-to-date Training viz.

    “Advanced Video Marketing DFY Business” Monster HQPLR! {your_affiliate_link}

    So, you can Slap your own Name to it and Sell to those people who are HUNGRILY looking for this PLR and Make Huge Profits Starting Now!

    Also, You can:

    + Use it to create a private membership

    + Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift

    + Use it as high quality bonus with your products

    + Use it to train your team

    + Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training

    + Use it to prospect your client & close the deals

    + Use it to grow your own business online

    + Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG Bucks

    + Use it to offer a professional Advanced Video Marketing service for thousands of dollars

    Or Do Anything that You can Think of!

    >> Click Here to See More Details About the Product! {Your_Bonus_Landing_Page_link}

    This Brand-New “Advanced Video Marketing DFY Business” comes with:

    Module #1: High-Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)

    Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)

    Module #3: Mind-Map (Valued at $40)

    Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)

    Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)

    Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)

    Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)

    Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)

    Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)

    Module #10:Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

    That’s a [[Huge Value of $2020 that you are getting at a very low price]]{affiliate_link}

    And You Can Get INSTANT Return of Your Investment by START Selling it Immediately!

    You can Sell unlimited copies for life with:

    x NO Monthly Charges,

    x NO Secret Unnoticed Charges!

    x NO Profits Sharing,

    And keep 100% of the money!

    Keep all leads generated, including the buyers!

StoryPal Review - How does it work?

Posted by Halan Review, Wednesday, 11th December 2019 @ 2:10pm

  • StoryPal - New Google AMP Stories provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.

    In the last couple of years, “Stories” has become wildly popular on Snapchat and Instagram, so much so that Facebook declared it’ll focus more on Stories than the news feed. 

    Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. 

    Now even you can publish Instagram-like Stories on your own website – Powered By StoryPal!

    Web stories score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that’s set to rule the web.

    As we know, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours and to retain these stories a user needs to repost them or save them to his or her profile.

    In contrast to that, AMP stories do not disappear in  24 hours, in fact, the user has control over the longevity of the stories.

    AMP Stories Are Searchable and Shareable: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories are not searchable on the web and can be shared on their respective and sister sites only, while AMP stories are searchable and shareable across the web.

    Huge SEO Opportunity – One unique thing I am excited about is the SEO opportunity for 2020 and beyond for you, all thanks to StoryPal for making this easy for all to start publishing web stories…

    StoryPal Review:

    Google now have a dedicated carousel of Visual Stories in its search results – a space in Google SERPs. This is surely a major change for SEO. Making this content format a sure-fire way to boost traffic and rank higher in 2020 and beyond.

    See how easy it is to create Google powered stories 

    Why Contemporary Readers Needs Visual Web Stories:

    Have shorter attention spans and declining reading habits, due to information overload

    Can’t stay focused due to competing demands on their time

    Often skim through long articles on websites rather than reading them carefully

    Prefer short summaries over long-form content

    Recall information longer when it’s visual than textual

    Are increasingly visually-oriented and want crisp yet visually attractive content

    More likely to trust the content that is in a well-designed visual presentation format rather than a text-heavy one

    See Full StoryPal Product Demo Here!

PR Rage Review

Posted by Halan Review, Monday, 9th December 2019 @ 1:49pm

  • There’s no better way to increase your overall wealth than to secure a source of income that flows in month after month with ZERO work. But it’s also true that such opportunities are hard to come by. I found one such opportunity. Take a minute to check it out. You’ll thank me later.

    PR Rage is a fully cloud-based system that helps you find high-value domains in seconds. These are the kind of domains that have just expired but carry a very high value. There are businesses who are willing to pay a good amount of money every month to be able to use these domains and the backlinks that come with these. (These backlinks help them with SEO and rank their websites better)

    There are people with no prior experience in domain flipping…

    … who bought a domain for as little as $32… and are now making $250 in pure rental income.

    And all this while… their investment is gaining more value. Very soon this $32 investment would turn into a 4-5 figure monthly portfolio. Watch these people share their experience in this short video here.

    PR Rage turns the rocket-science of domain flipping into a simple process. It helps you Find – Flip – Monetize profitable domains in minutes. PR Rage comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. and at a low introductory one-time price today. PR Rage is a complete no-risk tiny investment.

    Try it out and this will turn out to be the smartest investment you would have ever made. The passive income that you would be making… would be the easiest money you would ever make.

Adsense Lab Review - Buy or No?

Posted by Halan Review, Saturday, 7th December 2019 @ 11:01am

  • Adsense Lab is an amazing Software that build instant websites without writing much content, Driving Traffic to any website in an easy way that is making our Adsense websites highly Profitable.

    Not only that, you may add outcomes for Visitor’s Action based on their response or collect messenger and optin leads. It has direct integration with Facebook  Messenger, Facebook App and AutoResponder services.

    Loaded with Six Figures Adsense Case Studies, AdSense Lab Generate viral content in minutes that goes Viral on different platforms that ultimately skyrocket your Adsense Dashboard Curves.

    Just Four Easy Steps To Create Quizzes That Engages, Captures, Segments, and Converts Your Leads. Its also a best tool for Affiliate, Facebook Marketers, List Builders, Clickbank and CPA. 

    I am offering You - Adsense Lab Review

    [+] A New Revolutionary way to Get Trending Content that work with Adsense in 2019

    [+] All in One Platform to Launch Profitable Adsense websites

    [+] Multiply your income by creating multiple Adsense websites 

    [+] Automatically publish content to Your Adsense website from platform

    [+] Monetize them fully with your adsense 

    [+] Drive Little Traffic, Sell these websites on Flippa for $1000 each and instantly make thousands of Dollars without doing anything. 

    I bet, it will take 12 Months if you create 10 Blogs every month and top of that 

    you need to write 1200 Articles. 

    Its a Time Machine that is going to save your time and giving you exact Formula 

    Let me know if you are ready to get 10X Profitable AdSense websites

IM Virtual Summit - Event For Internet Marketer

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 5th December 2019 @ 11:46pm

  • What is the IM Virtual Summit?

    This is an event for online business people who want to develop their business to a higher level, with the IM Virtual Summit you can grow your business better by connecting with the world's top internet marketers.

    This is your biggest opportunity to meet, and talk with them, this event will be held online so you can access it anywhere and use any device. You can also get a recording of this event.

    There will be many top internet marketers present here, like Todd Gross, Todd Gross is a reliable internet marketer who has released many successful digital products for millions of dollars, not only that Todd Gross is also the world's number 1 affiliate marketer, which can generate thousands of dollars in one affiliate product promotion.

    Besides you can connect with the world internet marketers, you will also get supporting software for your business success, you will get video creation software, which will help you develop your business towards a better direction. You can get software worth more than $ 500 just by taking part in this event.

    IM Virtual Summit Review - This program can be one of the avenues and great opportunities for those of you who want to enter the world of internet marketing or want to grow your business in a better direction. You will learn many things from experts, SEO, affiliate marketing, product launches, email marketing and many more.

    The advantage of this program is, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to meet offline, because you can meet with the internet marketers of the world from anywhere using an internet connection, this is an extraordinary opportunity at the end of 2019.

MaxConvert Review - Turn Any Website, Blog, Page into Leads, Sales & Commissions Magnet

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 5th December 2019 @ 5:43am

  • MaxConvert - An AI Based Personalized Notification Technology: 

    Tweaked Notification: Intelligent advancement. Moved lead organized admonition development to stand neck-to-neck with BIG youngsters in the business 

    Max Everything - Engagement, Leads and Sales 

    Earth shattering 5 Apps in 1 Central dashboard-Create lead based light box pop-ups, sprinkle pages, header bar, footer bar, web admonitions, beginning checks, etc in 4 basic steps from 1 central dashboard 

    Get 100+ exhibited changing over and DFY designs Engage and convert most outrageous visitors into customers 

    Intuitive editor with parts to make about anything. 

    Extraordinary Biz Opportunity-Commercial License included 

    5 Apps in 1 Central Dashboard 

    Build Unlimited Campaigns in Any Niche for Any Marketing Goal in Minutes 

    Totally Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Pop-Up Editor 

    Front line Drag and Drop Pop-Up Editor to Create Anything Without Knowing Even a Single Line Of Code or Designing Skills. 

    100+ Proven Converting and Built-In 

    Capable Templates 

    Battle Tested, Professional and Mobile Optimized Templates to Get Maximum User Attention and Boost Brand Visibility 

    Modified Notification Technology 

    Catch Users When They're Hyper Engaged and Retain Them Forever 

    MaxConvert Review Has TONS of Other 

    • Inventive Features 
    • Build Unlimited 
    • Compact Friendly Templates To 
    • Interface with Maximum Visitors 
    • Twofold the POWER of Your 
    • Fights With Animation 
    • Effects 
    • Use the POWER of Advanced 
    • Reports to Boost your PROFITS 
    • with Virtually NO Extra Efforts 
    • Totally Customizable, Drag and 
    • Drop WYSIWYG Editor 
    • Manage Unlimited Clients and 
    • Partners 
    • Interface with Maximum Audience 
    • with 100,000+ Royalty Free 
    • Stock Images and Videos 
    • Pushed Media Drive to Keep 
    • All Business Files Secured 

    Quicken Your Campaigns with Fast Loading and Optimized Images, Videos And Files For Your Campaigns 

    Complete Step-By-Step Video 

    Getting ready and Tutorials Included 

    Have you at any point saw - 

    - Everytime we see a commencement clock on an arrangement, we make a prompt buy 

    - Everytime we see a notice, clingy bars, pop-ups, sprinkle pages on landing or 

    leaving any site, page, we information exchange, buy in, give our contact subtleties to 

    get the showed worth, item, information, bulletins and so on. 

    Truly, that is Common Human Behavior and every single Expert Marketer knows it well overall. 

    Indeed, even the World's No.1 Marketer Neil Patel additionally recommends to utilize these devices to Boost our Leads, Sales and Affiliate Commissions. 

    However, it is possible that we need to pay for different and costly month to month charging Apps or need to pay overwhelming expenses to the designers each time we need to include, erase, change any of the warnings.



Webbymate Review - Does it Really Work

Posted by Halan Review, Friday, 22nd November 2019 @ 12:04am

VidScribe Review - Should i buy It?

Posted by Halan Review, Sunday, 22nd September 2019 @ 6:04pm

  • VidScribe Review - 5 Powerful Ways To Get Sales With VidScribe AI Commercial Rights. Sell Subtitling , redubing and SRT creation as SEO service on for $20-$50 a pop Talk to your local business owners and charge them a monthly fee to help them find local language audience. Charge $200 to $1,000 a month. Rank videos with VidScribe AI for keywords, get some traffic and then sell or rent out the video traffic to business owners for $10-$50 a month per video. Create a lot of language videos and sell backlinks / mentions to business owners for $50-$150 a mention. Make language videos an add-on to your existing SEO services and charge 20-30% extra from your existing clients.

    Get Instant Access To VidScribe AI


    Limited Time Offer #3

    Get A Powerful Youtube Marketing App That Gives You Local Language Keyword

    Yes, you’re going to get a ton of videos for every language, but how are you going to turn them into real and valuable traffic?

    How are you going to find effective keywords that will get you the traffic you need?

    Get VidScribe now and we will solve that problem for you. We’ll give you an app that will give you all the local language keywords you want.

    Just enter the original keyword in English, select the target language you want and this app will translate the keyword automatically.

    This app finds you the local language keywords to put in your video.

    This is going to be vital for your success. Grab it now before we put it in the paid upgrade!

    Get Instant Access To VidScribe AI

    Get Vidscribe AI

    Quick VidScribe Review Recap:

    Vidscribe traffic system

    The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Grab Your VidScribe AI Right Now

    vidscribe traffic system

    vidscribe features

    Easily target the inaccessible 20% of the local market that you couldn’t touch with one-language videos.

    Get more organic visitors and free traffic from the world over by talking to them in their language.

    Create SRT files in multiple languages and put them in your single language video to get more SEO traffic from Google & YouTube.

    Local language subtitle videos get you a wider audience and more traffic from local language speakers.

    Re-dub your videos into local languages and make get massive traffic from any country of the world.

    100% white hat. We do nothing that will get you banned from Google and Facebook.

    Does translation, transcribing and redubbing from any language to any language. You can turn foreign language videos to English.

    Turn one video into multiple videos and grab every little piece of traffic in your niche worldwide.

    Commercial license lets you sell SEO optimization from CoreSEO as a service or even give away free to get more leads and clients.

    One-time price during the launch. Get it now and you won’t have to pay recurring.

    Incredibly easy to use even for newbies. We don’t make any assumptions about what you know.

    Take advantage of lower competition in other languages to get higher CTRs and conversions.


    Money Back Guarantee

    Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

    Here’s our guarantee!

    Buy VidScribe Elite, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free.

Video App Suite Review - How does it works

Posted by Halan Review, Sunday, 21st July 2019 @ 3:12pm

  • It's called Video App Suite which includes 8 high quality video apps inside ONE package. The best part is, unlike any other software bundle deal, Video App Suite gives the Tunkey Business License to resell these high quality apps as your own!

    You get the sales pages, the sales videos and everything you need to start selling! Learn more:

    Note: Video App Suite goes live on July 23 at 3PM EDT, so make sure you mark down this time. We are using some never seen before ninja strategies to explode your commissions. Get READY!

    Nothing like this has ever been launched before!

    To celebrate the launch the creators Paul Ponna and team are hosting a special CUSTOMER APPRECIATION webinar and giving away awesome prizes and bonuses on the webinar!

    Attend the webinar LIVE on July 23 at 3PM Eastern to WIN....

    + SIX $100 Cash Prizes

    + 20 Free Copies of Video App Suite

    + Secret FB Group Access ($3000 in prizes giveaway)

    + EXTRA Bonuses Worth Thousands

    You are going to save THOUSANDS in monthly fees with the Video App Suite and AUTOMATE all your video marketing needs! The webinar is filling up fast as thousands of people are rushing to sign up and WIN!

    Video App Suitr Review - 8 High Quality Video Apps For The Price of ONE! Complete Video App Business In a Box -  Sell The Videos You Create To Your Clients (Commercial) OR Start Your Very Own Video Software Business (Business Box)!

    Never Seen Before Industry-First  'Software Business-In-A-Box' Deal...

    Video is The Hottest Niche on JVZOO - Anyone Can Now Kickstart Their Video Software Business in Minutes!

    All of the 8 cloud based video apps included inside Video App Suite come loaded with incredible ready-made video templates that the user can customize

    in minutes and create stunning videos.

    Customer can sell the videos they create to clients for $300 to $500 each OR they can resell the apps as their own and start their very own software business using the "Business Box" license!

    Learn more:

Social Robot Review - Should I Buy It?

Posted by Halan Review, Wednesday, 17th July 2019 @ 3:35pm

  • Social Robot - I highly recommend you check this out and snag it now as there’s no point losing out from something that gets you powerful results like this does.. I have tested this myself (I got a copy myself) and I'm seriously happy! I have heard that the price will skyrocket, although I am not quite sure If they may just completely close It down. Learn more:


    We pride ourselves on providing the marketplace with tremendous value for money and for that reason, we intended to offer access for a low monthly subscription…

    But during the introductory period, we wanted to do something even better…

    So when you act today you can get instant access to Social Robot for a one time investment But you must act fast because the price increases every 60-minutes until it reaches $97

    Say no, let yourself down, let your family down, continue to buy product after product, continue to get nowhere fast and that will result in you being firmly stuck in your day job…  And don’t forget to say goodbye to your dreams of internet profits and freedom...

    Grab your copy of Social Robot right now so you can get unstoppable free buyer traffic and affiliate sales in as little as 5 minutes flat... Full Social Robot Review

    You’re Literally Getting In At A Massive % Discount But If You Don’t Act Fast Then Not Only Is The Price Increasing Every 60 Minutes But At The End Of The Special Introductory Period The Price Will Go Back Up To $97…

    Not To Mention We’ll Also Remove The 8 Fast-Action Bonuses…

    It’s An Easy Decision Either Get In Now For The Price Of A Family Meal At McDonalds Or Say No And Continue To Be Stuck… Watch The demo video here

    Read from other source:

XWave Brand New Software by VideoRemix

Posted by Halan Review, Tuesday, 18th June 2019 @ 1:20pm

  • Hey, Now it’s easier than ever before to create videos for your business.

    I am NOT talking ‘Drag-n-drop’ easy

    I am NOT talking ‘Point-n-click’ easy

    I am talking just COPY-PASTE easy.

    Yeah, just copy-paste any URL, select the images you want in your video and BAM!

    Sounds unbelievable?  - Watch it here! XWave Demo Videos

    X-Wave a brand-new software created by Videoremix – Pioneers in video innovations.

    It uses Videoremix Artificial Intelligence to:

    -          Pull out all images from any URL and lets you select the ones you like

    -          Create a video on complete autopilot

    It has premium templates specially designed for video-centric niches like real estate, restaurants, fashion etc.

    The top-rated music tracks inside the in-built library makes your video create the right feel and mood to mesmerize your audience.

    This special launch offer includes (these would be taken off as soon as the offer ends!)

     A 3-Day LIVE Training By 7-Figure Marketers (Recordings To Be Made Available)

    Super Low One-Time Fee Along With Some Very Expensive And EXCLUSIVE Bonuses

     Commercial License WITHOUT Upgrading

    Go here NOW to check it out and get instant access. XWave Review

    Warning: At the moment, the Unlimited Commercial License allows you to sell the video creation service to Unlimited Customers. They are going to put limits on that and also charge EXTRA for the license.  

    Act fast. Act Now.

Sendiio Review - 3-in-one marketing platform

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 21st February 2019 @ 10:13pm

  • FINALLY someone has created the SWISS army of autoresponders…

    For far too long, marketers have been debating if:

    – Email marketing works best..
    – or does text message marketing work best?
    – or is it FB Messenger marketing?

    Truth is, they ALL work… They’re ALL extremely profitable. ANDDDD, the fact is Your target customers are using ALL three platforms.. So why neglect one marketing channel over another?

    Why not instead use a platform that combines ALL three of these extremely profitable marketing channels under ONE central dashboard and blow the
    lid off of your profit…

    Well, the new autoresponder, Sendiio, does EXACTLY that


    – allows you to import unlimited lists
    – lets you create unlimited email marketing campaigns
    – lets you create unlimited Text message marketing campaigns
    – lets you create unlimited Facebook Messenger campaigns
    – let you create unlimited optin forms
    – lets you create unlimited follow-up sequences
    – lets you create unlimited one-off mailing campaigns
    – and much much more..

    PLUS, you can access ALL of this for a ONE-TIME cost!

    Yup, you can now profit from the three MOST PROFITABLE platforms under ONE central dashboard without ANY monthly fees..

    We all know that email marketing is STILL one of the most profitable marketing channels

    We also know that text messages get a 98% open rate within the first two minutes..

    And we also know that FB messenger gets a 100% inbox rate AND is the BIGGEST messaging platform online..

    So WHY not COMBINE all three of these wildly profitable marketing channels into
    ONE and generate sales on EVERY platform that your target customers are on..

    Well, with Sendiio you can do so by just following 3 simple steps:

    1. Import your lists and create your campaign
    2. Send (or schedule) your campaign
    3. Sit back and enjoy your profits

    You no longer have to login to THREE different platforms to reach your target
    customers. You can now login to just ONE dashboard and skyrocket your profits.

    send unlimited emails, texts and FB messages (one-time fee) new autoresponder lets you send UNLIMITED emails, texts and FB messages A new autoresponder has just opened up that takes LIST MARKETING to a whole new level…

    It allows you to:

    – send unlimited emails
    – send unlimited texts
    – send unlimited FB messages

    (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) ALL without EVER having to pay a monthly fee.

    More Sendiio Review:

TrendyCom Review

Posted by Halan Review, Monday, 28th January 2019 @ 3:57pm

  • TrendyCom Review - With all the methods promising to make you money online, it’s easy to get confused. In the SIMPLEST terms, you profit when you sell something for more than you paid … true for ANY business, but especially marketing online. But - figuring out what will sell & make you the highest profits is risky, time-consuming and often very expensive. Until now.

    Read complete review: TrendyCom Review

    This breakthrough software removes ALL the guesswork, By giving you thousands of hot-selling, untapped products that people are LOOKING to buy. The software updates 24/7 so you’ll always have high margin products to offer in any niche.

    It works great with eCom stores … but it’s also perfect for monetizing your blog, FB page or any other platform. 3 short steps to profit all day long?

    TrendyCom is a brand new, A.I. based  platform that gives them access to UNLIMITED trends and hot selling products that are selling like wildfire right now. Our platform will find them unknown, ‘under the radar’ products they can use to build a 6 figure ecommerce empire! TrendyCom uncovers hot products BEFORE they go viral!

    Trendycom is a unique platform built with complex algorithms that gives them access to MILLIONS of profitable products that are selling like wildfire right now. It locates, harvests and displays thousands of winning ecom products ready to be exploited for HUGE paydays!

    Most systems & softwares built for beginners to profit online promise easy  results. But what they DON’T tell you is to expect LOUSY results. C’mon - $20 a day for hours of your time isn’t going to make you rich.

    The REAL money made by top marketers always comes from buying low, & selling high. Takes risk and a lot of skill to get right. Not anymore.

    Thanks to this breakthrough software, you can instantly get thousands of  HIGHLY profitable products that sell like crazy. Updated daily based on the latest market trends. So all you do is click, list & profit.

    Complete beginners making 4-5 figures a month. Proof ALL over the page.

    With TrendyCom you’ll even be shown EXACTLY how to get traffic, making this an all-in-one profit solution. Easy is nice. Easy plus BIG profits is better. Get ‘big easy’ profits here! TrendingCom Demo Videos

Automation Bundle Review

Posted by Halan Review, Thursday, 6th December 2018 @ 11:09am

  • Automation Bundle Will Be There For You, Now and In The Future! Each app’s respective team of developers will be always hard at work behind the scenes. We’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating and improving all Automation Bundle apps behind the scenes, with no downtimes or disruptions, ever!

    Rest assured that every app included with Automation Bundle will just keep getting better and better in the future. Our developers are committed to keeping up with future innovations and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performance optimally!

    And don’t forget, you’ll be able to easily access any app on your Automation Bundle dashboard from virtually any browser, with nothing to download or install – ever!

    You my already know that it is extremely tough to succeed in this competitive online marketing world these days, no matter what niche. So many products that do so many different things.  A lot of products that do a lot of the same things.  

    It can be confusing and downright expensive!

    Why continue to buy the next best app, when everything you could ever need is NOW being offered in ONE place? Join this special webinar and to uncover what most online entrepreneurs don’t know.

    It’s going to be extremely informative, and just for attending you’ll qualify to WIN prizes and even an iPad Pro! Check Out The Awesome Prizes Here.

    This honestly could be the event of the year. How do I know this? Because the marketer who is putting on the webinar is one of the most successful marketers in the business.  

    Automation Bundle Is Accessed Via Your Web Browser - Nothing To Download, Install Or Update - EVER! All apps included in Automation Bundle are hosted on Google, Amazon’s S3 or Microsoft Azure’s Ultra-reliable Cloud Networks!

    Securely Access Your Apps From ONE Dashboard! With Automation Bundle, You Get Unprecedented Marketing And Creative POWER! Best Of All, At A Low

    One-Time Price, Breaking Down to Just $3 to $5 Per App! But Only During This

    EXCLUSIVE Offer – Which Is Available For 7 Days ONLY!

    When The Timer Hits Zero, This Deal Is GONE FOREVER.

    He has hand-picked the best software tools and put them into a the BIGGEST Software Bundle deal of the year! It’s the first of its kind! Signup On The Page To Win Prizes. You could be saving THOUSANDS in monthly fees after this exciting webinar. And they are giving away some AWESOME cash prizes and bonuses to attendees! This could really be a game-changer for your online business.

    Don't miss out!

    Watch Automation Bundle Review:

    or Read Automation Bundle Review:


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