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Haruhi Suzumiya Wants You To...

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Tuesday, 17th November 2009 @ 9:51am

Greetings, fellow members of the SOS Brigade.

I would like to remind you that Haruhi Suzumiya wants you to attend the rest of the term's meetings at our usual meeting place in Oriel. As a special bonus, we will have a guest speaker this week: the time traveller John Barberio, who comes from the distant past to tell the tale of the founding of the society, and of anime in the pre-torrent era.

Furthermore, Haruhi will be very disappointed if you do not turn up to the termly social, to be held at Edamame, Oxford's premier Japanese restaurant, on Friday of 7th Week. The provisional start time is 6pm, but if you're not there by 5:45, you may find that your seat has been stolen for use in a complicated and improbable alien-baiting scheme. The start time may be confirmed or altered in accordance with Haruhi's last-minute whim.

Finally, because we have become aware that anyone who willingly joins the group must be nuts, a third-year psychology student has been invited to the 7th and 8th Week meetings, and will be conducting a survey on sense of humour and personality traits. Due to legal constraints, participation is entirely optional, but if you have any strong feelings about this either way, please let us know in advance.

Convention Only

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Saturday, 14th November 2009 @ 7:17am

Hail all.

Very quick note: if you're coming to AnimeLeague today, please bring proof of age as apparently it's a venue requirement. A bod card will do.

The rest of you, have a great weekend.


Further Information

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Tuesday, 10th November 2009 @ 2:51pm

Greetings again, Number 13.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to update your phone's GPS, as Juiz is currently on a break and has stated that a request to recall her early will cost 11000000000 Yen. As such, we include the following directions for Friday's meeting:


Upon entering Worcester College, you'll be facing the main quad. The second staircase along the right side of the quad is Staircase 5, which has a brown plaque helpfully reading 'Lecture Room B'. Go straight down the stairs and you'll see a door with coat-hooks to the side. That's Lecture Room B, your target for the night.

Here is a bonus map to reflect Mr. Outside's...err...absolute faith in you: http://i34.tinypic.com/3480fon.jpg

For Seleção Eyes Only

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Monday, 9th November 2009 @ 5:46pm

Greetings, Number 13.

I believe you've received the standard briefing, but, having observed the staggering ineptitude of Number 9, Mr. Outside feels you could do with a couple of pointers on how best to spend your money. As such, two excellent opportunities have been arranged for you.

1) This Friday, Eden of the West (a student organisation more commonly known by its inexplicable acronym of "OAV") will be meeting in Lecture Room B of Worcester College. If you did not take the opportunity to formally join or rejoin last week, spending £8 on the annual membership fee (£7 for returning members) will provide funds for the promotion of anime (and thereby for the salvation of Japan). Please take careful note of the changed meeting place, as your phone's GPS may need updating.

2) Said organisation is also organising a delegation aimed at revitalising the Japanese economy by investing money at an anime convention, namely AnimeLeague Club London (http://www.animeleague.com/london/ for details). If you wish to attend under the guise of an ordinary anime fan, there is still time to pre-book a ticket for £5 on the website (and earn exclusive convention items as well as early entry). The delegation will convene at the train station at 8:45 this Saturday, with the aim of catching the 9am train.

Upcoming Dark Rituals

E-mail sent by Jan, Tuesday, 27th October 2009 @ 7:12pm

Greetings, loyal cultists.

There are three items on the agenda today.

1) As some of the older members may know, years ago the OAV sealed away a terrible evil (the name of which may not be spoken, but rhymes with "Tancred") and every successive president since has sworn a solemn oath never to let it return. Accordingly, whenever the veil grows thin on the night of All Hallows' Eve, we gather in a dark ritual to keep the evil at bay by confronting it with other great horrors. This event is known as the Hallowe'en Horrorthon.

If you are prepared to commit yourself to preventing the end of the world, and watching some of the finest horror anime in the process, please come to our usual meeting place at the Harris Lecture Theatre this Hallowe'en (Saturday 31st) for 1pm. The ritual should conclude by 5pm, assuming no repeat of The Incident.

If you know of good horror anime which you believe should be shown on this momentous occasion, please feel free to suggest it at http://z2.invisionfree.com/Text_Based_Theater/index.php?showtopic=360, or by emailing the dread Committee.

2) On the topic of dark gatherings, AnimeLeague are hosting a convention in London on Saturday 14th of November. The entry fee is £5, and if you pre-order a ticket, you get various neat convention goodies free. Further details are available at http://animeleague.com/ I (Alexei) have already booked mine, so if you want to go together as an OAV group, please let me know.

3) Finally, a message from the leader of an allied sect (edited to remove information intended for inner circle initiates only):

Greetings, [censored]

I'm Publicity Officer for the Doctor Who Society, and I picked up your [censored] at [censored] because we thought that [censored] your members might be interested in one or both of the open events that we will be running this term. We'd appreciate it if you'd [censored] your members, and perhaps think about organising group trips to one or both events. The events are as follows:

*~* Rob Shearman - playwright & author *~*
Thursday 5th week (12 November), 8pm, St John's College MCR
Cost: Free to members of DocSoc, £2 to non-members

Rob Shearman, award-winning author of Doctor Who episode "Dalek", will be visiting to talk, in Q&A format, about writing sci-fi for the BBC and anything else that might interest us. Often described as the "licensed dissenter" of the Russell T Davies era, he is sure to give us some interesting insights.

*~* The Geek Quiz *~*
Thursday 7th week (26 November), 8pm, St John's College LOCATION TBC
Cost: Free to anyone and everyone!

A bit of an Oxford institution, this one; the geek societies of Oxford all getting together to fight for the title of the brainiest of geekdoms. Individuals are invited to bring a short round of questions about anything they like, although rounds should not focus too heavily on a particular team's specialty. Unusual formats (eg picture / audio) are particularly encouraged.

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions, or to [censored]. And please do forward this to anyone who you think might be interested!

Be excellent to each other,


There you have it. If you *would* be interested in a group trip to either or both of these events, let us at the Committee know.

Please don't worry about bringing your own sacrifices to the rituals - these are being budgeted for out of membership fees (though additional ones are always welcome). And remember: the fate of the world may rest in your hands, so come to the Horrorthon.

All the best,

Alexei Stephenson
OAV President and High Priest of [censored]

Welcome Back

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Wednesday, 14th October 2009 @ 12:36am

Greetings, fellow state alchemists.

This dispatch is primarily intended for existing members, as new members are subscribed here after paying their membership fees. If you signed yourself up, and aren't on the new members' list ("animesoc-announce"), you may have missed the e-mail with basic introductory info. If you let me know, I'll forward it to you (and you'll find it a lot easier to make sense of than the rest of this one). Also, you'll note that the Groupspaces e-mails have a...slightly different tone to them.

That aside, I am delighted to inform you that your next annual inspection is just around the corner, on Friday 16th at our newly reclaimed testing grounds at Oriel College's Harris Lecture Theatre. Directions, for those who need them, are concealed on this very website, and your ability to reach the meeting place in time for our 8pm start will be part of the test. We will be holding all the traditional annual events, including the free anime goods raffle (to test your ability to choose the right prize) and the ritual battle with the projector (to test our combat ability as a group).

Attendance is mandatory. I repeat, mandatory. Failure will be punished with loss of your state alchemist license and, worse, a lack of anime.

Examinees are advised to revise the following topics:

- Turning gold into digital credit (see "Eden of the East,  building an")
- Elixirs for maintaining sanity during long hours in the library (cf. Honey and Clover)
- Human to cyborg transmutation and its side effects (e.g. Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex)
- Transmuting beastmen/chimeras for fun and profit (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann method)
- Dangers of alchemical workplace relationships (see Seto no Hanayome vs. Roy Mustang, 1172)

There will also be an unseen, random, section.

Weekly Meeting

  • Friday, 23rd October 2009 at 9pm - 12am Saturday, 24th October, Friday, 30th October 2009 at 8pm - 11pm, Friday, 6th November 2009 at 8pm - 11pm, Friday, 20th November 2009 at 8pm - 11pm, Friday, 27th November 2009 at 8pm - 11pm, Friday, 4th December 2009 at 8pm - 11pm
    Location: Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College

    Our weekly meeting. We show an episode each of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Honey & Clover,…

First Week Meeting!

  • Friday, 16th October 2009 at 9pm - 12am Saturday, 17th October
    Location: Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College

    The first of Oxford Anime Vision's weekly meetings! We'll be showing the first episodes of this…

Freshers' Fair

E-mail sent by Alexei Stephenson, Wednesday, 9th September 2009 @ 1:34pm

Greetings, loyal soldiers of the Britannian Empire!

This is your commander, writing from a covert mission deep behind enemy lines in Area 11 (or Japan as the loyalists would have you call it). Preparations for our invasion are proceeding exactly according to plan (you can see a link to the advance reports in the forum), but before we can invade, we must first fortify our position here at the Oxford Headquarters and recruit as many new soldiers as possible for the coming war.

To that end, this is a call to arms for those ready to serve Emperor Charles at the front lines of the Freshers' Fair. The dates are Wednesday 7th of October (9.00 - 16.30), Thursday 8th and Friday 9th (both 9.00 - 16.00). Those who are willing to commit to 2 or 2.5 hour slots during any of these days will be honoured above all others, and will be posthumously awarded a military rank equivalent to that of major (as well as full compensation to their families) should they fall in battle. Survivors will be awarded custom-made T-shirts of Glory (details soon to come on the forum; volunteers should post their size there, or mail one of the War Committee).

The End of the Year As We Know It

E-mail sent by Jan, Thursday, 18th June 2009 @ 1:04pm

So this is it: 8th Week of Trinity. We hope you're all coping well with post-exam celebrations, last-minute exam revision, the final essay crises of term, or just general end-of-year mayhem.

This Friday brings you an end to the Claymore boss fights; an alternate universe episode of Clannad, for those of you who think that Tomoya shouldn't have gone for the dating sim's Nagisa Ending; probably minimal resolution for Genshiken and SZS (they both have second seasons! That's your homework for the summer.), and the epic conclusion of Trigun.

Here's a sneak preview of next year:
- The great and glorious Freshers' Fair in 0th Week, for which the OAV Needs You!
- An OAV contingent for the London MCM Expo, 24-25 October! (That's at the end of 2nd Week.)

And finally, a word from our sponsors:

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a time in everyone's life where he must make a choice. Sleep or Catch the Midnight showing of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the George Street Odeon on Thursday/Friday(it's listed as on Thursday, but 00.01 would technically be Friday).

That's right people, there is a new Transformers Movie out Friday, and there's a Midnight Showing. It includes a Guy who may or may not be on Fire, but is connected to the Pyramids, so there's a 82.4% chance of Ancient Egyptian Lasers! Though only an 8.3% chance of Card games, and even then they're unlikely to be important. There IS 100% chance of Giant Robots who chance into other things, and 100% chance of big explosions, and a high chance of there even being a combination of the two.

So, who is with me? My seat is pretty much smack damn in the centre, in seat K 9. I don't want to watch this movie alone, but I will do so if I have to. Then give spoilers about it at the Anime Soc Session. So you have a choice, watch it at Midnight before I can spoil it for you, or Forever have it spoiled by me. Or you could kill me, OR DIE TRYING!


-Jonathan Barrett ( shadow_mask_sm@hotmail.com )

Thanks for all your support this year, and we hope you had a great time with the OAV. May your summer be fruitful and full of anime -- we look forward to seeing you again in Michaelmas!

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Janice Heng
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Edamame Wants You!

E-mail sent by Jan, Monday, 8th June 2009 @ 10:21am

Or perhaps you want Edamame. Either way, the penultimate week of term is upon us, and one thing is foremost in our minds: the OAV's termly social! Ignore your revision, essay crises, or other minor details of Oxford life; turn up this Friday for excellent Japanese food, the company of other anime fans, and post-dinner ice-cream.

As usual, we'll be meeting outside Edamame at 5:45 pm. Email us if you'd like to ensure that we wait for you, or just turn up on time sans prior notification.

Where: Edamame, 15 Holywell Street (opposite New College)
When: Friday 12 June, 5:45 pm - 8 pm

A handy map: http://www.edamame.freeserve.co.uk/map.html
The menu: http://www.edamame.freeserve.co.uk/evening.html

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EMERGENCY: Volunteers needed for this term's Geek Quiz!

E-mail sent by Jan, Monday, 25th May 2009 @ 8:28pm

This is desperately late, but: this term's Geek Quiz is happening THIS THURSDAY! Forget your finals, prelims, or regularly scheduled essay crises -- the OAV needs YOU to lead it to victory!

The Geek Quiz
Where: North Lecture Room, Staircase 4, St John's College
When: Thursday, 5th Week (28 May), 8pm

Directions: Take the left exit of St John's main quad, under the clock. Walk through this passage to the next quad, which should have a 'massive tree' in it. Head to the far left corner of this quad and go into staircase 4. The lecture room is the first door on your right.

If you'd like to be part of the team, drop us an email at divisionbyzero@gmail.com! The OAV has to write its own round of about 10 questions: "music, pictures, puppets, etc. are encouraged", apparently.

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London Calling

E-mail sent by Jan, Wednesday, 20th May 2009 @ 2:25pm

One way you can tell that the OAV isn't *quite* at Genshiken-level (yet) is that we don't attend conventions. However, here's a chance to change that! This weekend, 23rd to 24th May, is the London MCM EXPO: two days of all-out geekery, including media, games, comics, cosplay, and of course, anime and manga.

London MCM Expo
23-24 May 2009
Excel London, E16 1XL

Tickets are £13 per day, available on the day. For more details, check out their website: http://www.londonexpo.com/

Our illustrious President Emeritus, Alexei, will be attending on Saturday. If you'd like to meet up with him rather than braving the EXPO alone, you can contact him (preferably well in advance) at alexei.stephenson@gmail.com.


Finally, just a reminder that the Caption Competition [http://groupspaces.com/oav/pages/] deadline is this Sunday, 24 May. Competition has been intense -- but there's always room for more entries!

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Janice Heng
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The Randomthon Approacheth

E-mail sent by Jan, Monday, 4th May 2009 @ 3:12pm

You know the drill: Friday evening meetings in Worcester's Lecture Room B, blank DVDs to Janice Heng at Brasenose College, cosplay suggestions on the OAV forums, etc. But here's a break from the pattern:


Where: Lecture Room B, Worcester College
When: Saturday 9 May, 1 pm - 5pm

We'll be screening the first episodes from candidates for next year's line-up! So if you want a hand in determining the future of the OAV, be sure to turn up -- and bring some episodes of your own, if you'd like. (But try to drop us an email beforehand, so we have an idea of what we'll be screening.)


In longer-term news, the Caption Competition [http://groupspaces.com/oav/pages/] lives! Answers on a postcard (or forum post) by Sunday, 24th May, i.e. the end of 4th Week. Don't let a handful of members monopolise the OAV stock of wit: get your entry in today!

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Janice Heng
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Trinity Term Begins!

E-mail sent by Jan, Monday, 27th April 2009 @ 6:50pm

Welcome back for Trinity Term: two months of sunshine, punting, the wearing of shorts, and exam-related panic. Academic distractions aside, we hope that Oxford Anime Vision will remain a fixture of your Friday nights.

------------1. THE FIRST MEETING

Where: Lecture Room B, Worcester College
When: Friday 1 May, 8 pm - 11 pm

Same time and place as last term, hurrah. Turn up for the exciting continuation of the series we're showing; stay for ice-cream and the chance to find out what everyone else has been watching over the Easter break. (Yours truly recommends -- in an entirely unofficial capacity -- RideBack, the tale of an ex-ballerina and her motorcycle mecha.)

------------1.5 CATCHING UP

If you missed the last session(s) of Trinity, just pidge a blank DVD-R to Janice Heng at Brasenose College; indicate your full name, college, and which week(s) you need a catch-up for; and wait for said CD-R or DVD-R to be returned with the relevant past episodes on it.

------------2. OAV RANDOMTHON

Where: Lecture Room B, Worcester College
When: Saturday 9 May, 1 pm - 5pm

In 2nd Week, it'll be time for the OAV's yearly Randomthon! Catch the first episodes of some contenders for next year's line-up, and have your say. Suggestions are also welcome -- drop us an email, or bring them up during meetings. Remember, only you (and okay, maybe the OAV Committee, too) can prevent us from falling into the trap of Bad Anime.

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Termly Social!

E-mail sent by Jan, Monday, 2nd March 2009 @ 1:48pm

Yes, it's time once more for our termly social. If you turned up last term, you'll know how excellent the experience is; and if you didn't, well, give it a try this time! All you have to do to enjoy Japanese food and good company is turn up at 5:45 pm this Friday, outside Edamame. There's no need to inform us of your presence beforehand, though if you'd like to do so (to ensure that we'll wait for you), then just drop us an email. There may even be ice-cream between dinner and the actual OAV meeting.

Where: Edamame, 15 Holywell Street (opposite New College)
When: Friday 6 March, 5:45 pm - 8 pm

A handy map: http://www.edamame.freeserve.co.uk/map.html
The menu: http://www.edamame.freeserve.co.uk/evening.html

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Janice Heng
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Shopping Trip corrections, and reminder. And Ninja Stars!

E-mail sent by Jonathan Barrett, Wednesday, 25th February 2009 @ 1:08pm

First of all, Another correction. I meant the 28th of Feb, not the 27th, that's a Friday, we tend to do our shopping trips on Saturdays. So The correct Date is the Saturday, 28th. Sorry for the confusion. Other details will be identical to the email sent out prior to the last time we thought we were going to have the trip... If we have it this weekend that is.

Well so far Only one person has responded (Thank You Yinan Wang). Which either means, you're all rather lazy, or no one is actually interested. At all. If no one else has responded by this Friday, and there's little positive response during a vote at the session, I'll probably cancel the shopping trip this year entirely, due to lack of interest. I can't set this up entirely by myself, else it will turn into just an expensive shopping trip by myself up to London. Which doesn't help anyone.

If you have Emailed me, and are confused that I haven't received your email... then try again, or email another committee member, or find me on Facebook (I'm currently using an image which is my face pastered onto Sagat from SF IV).

So if you're at ALL interested, email me. Current Plan is this Saturday, which is the 28th.

Sorry for the lack of Funny in this email. In a Hurry. Etc etc.

So anyway, see you all later, and good luck, etc...

And Let's do try to have the Shopping trip this year, and also before next term....

_Jonathan Barrett: Disgruntled Mascot.

Jonathon Correction...

E-mail sent by Jonathan Barrett, Friday, 20th February 2009 @ 1:26pm

I made a slight, leaving something out of my previous email.

When I said the Jonathon was this weekend, I meant Saturday, not Sunday...

Sorry for not being clear on this.

As an apology, here's my theory on where Alexei gets his Anime Watching schedule from.
TV Tropes.

I think we can all agree that the term Widget Series could also be defined as "One that Alexei will expose us to".

I will try to be more careful in Future.

-Jonathan Barrett

Now for a random quote

Michael: Jodie, how's my schedule look for today?
Jodie: You've got a conference and dinner party at the Japanese Embassy regarding wildlife protection.
Michael: Oh, yeah...sorry, but I'll have to cancel that. I'm heading out to save America!

That is all.

All Your Email-OVA Shopping Trip & Jona-thon

E-mail sent by Jonathan Barrett, Friday, 20th February 2009 @ 1:57am

Barrett:How are you Ladies and Gentlemen,

I control the vertical, the horizontal, the contrast, the gamma, the hue, the number of sheep on the screen at any one time, the volume, your every move, etc etc.

For this email at least.


That's right, this email is belong to me, and now I will stop making AYB references before a Committee member stones me to death and steals my Tablet PC.


First of all, the Shopping Trip. Yep, we're still trying to plan this.


Voting during Weekly Meets... ended in failure.

Trying to use the forums... ended in failure. Well mostly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask the following. eMail Me if you are
interested (shadow_mask_sm@hotmail.com), even if only slightly.
All I ask is that you put "Can I has OAV Shopping Trip?" in the Email
title. ... If you are feeling up to it, please also give dates you
can't make, and dates you would prefer (please say which is which if
you do that), but I don't mind if you miss them out. Basically, You
email me, and then I'll send an email to Everyone who emailed me, and
people can use REPLY ALL to give their views on the shopping trip

I will give another provisional date though. Feb The 27th. The Weekend
before my Birthday (3rd of the 3rd, in case you were wondering... Hint

If you don't email me, then you can still come along to the shopping
trip (we'll announce it like usual), but you will have no right to
complain when it turns out to be on a day you can't make. NO RIGHT!
If committee members and old members (who want to come/meet up during
it)could also email me, I would be most grateful.

Now takes my Damn Ninja Stars!
(Frances: They're Starfish!)


Next up, I am planning to host a Jon-A-Thon this weekend. Sorry for the late notice, but the main reason I'm having one is for my Friend Keith's Auction, since he leaves Oxford next Thursday, and wishes to get rid of a few things. Remember, he's donating it to Charity(Oxfam).

The Jon-A-Thon will be a marathon of... the cornier side of Anime. Mostly I want to have so bad it's good Anime. Got a suggestion, bring it along. I'll try and dig out as much as I can, and when I run out, I'll probably just load up the games consoles, but the more input from everyone else, the better (for lazy old me).

The Place will be my Flat (Flat 2 Folly Bridge Court, it's the block of flats opposite the Head of the River Pub, My Number is 01865 723416 if you get lost).

The Time will be... 3pm till 6, or later if we have enough material. Yeah, a Late start time. It's the weekend. I sleep in, plus I'm going to need to do a little shopping. We're probably have the auction after the first hour, or when is best for Keith/when most people are around.

As a small preview, I'll warn you people I'm planning on showing those who turn up some Samurai Pizza Cats, and some of the Japanese Transformer series. You may want to miss them But I will Not Allow it! Bwahahahaha!


And now for another message from an Outside Source. My Network of spies have delivered to me important Info.

The After the successes of Going Postal and Mort at the OFS Studio Theatre and the excellent reprise of Mort at the Edinburgh Fringe, Parabox Productions brings you The Truth, turning Terry Pratchett's 25th novel into a comedy-come-mystery for all ages, Discworld fan or not.


Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th March, 7.30pm (2.30pm Saturday Matinee)
OFS Studio Theatre, George Street, Oxford
Tickets £9/£7 (conc.)

SPECIAL DEAL! Buy 4 tickets, get one free for the Wednesday night
showing (March
4th). Perfect for societies thinking of attending as a group.



Though I'd have to admit to wanting to go to the first showing on the 3rd. That's my Birthday, see. Who would like to join me?


And oh... Boarders seem to be doing 3 manga for the price of 2, did you know?

I now return you to your usual email writer people worm baby things.


Who are smarter, prettier, more handsome, more coherent, and generally better.


-Jonathan Barrett, OAV Mascot.

And now a word from... um, other people.

E-mail sent by Jan, Tuesday, 17th February 2009 @ 3:17pm

Just passing on word of two events, held by other societies, which you might be interested in:

Oxford University Japan Society is having their Matsuri weekend this week, and they suggested this particular talk as being relevant to our members:

Akemi Solloway
"Kimono and tea ceremony, modern and traditional culture including Manga and Anime"
When: Sunday 22nd February
Time: 2pm
Venue: Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College

The talk is free for both members and non-members of Japan Society.

Matsuri Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=80645972176


A bit further afield, there's the Japanese Art Festival: two days of art, cultural activities and fun, including the Manga & Anime Art Exhibition. Entry is free.

Venue: Richmond Adult Community College (yes, that's in the London borough of Richmond)
Date: Saturday 28th February - Sunday 1st March 2009
Time: 12pm-11pm (Saturday) 11am-5pm (Sunday)

Akemi Solloway, the main organiser of the Japanese Art Festival (and the speaker at the above OUJS event, come to that), is a lecturer of Japanese culture and daughter of an old samurai family. It is her aim to present authentic Japanese culture in an accessible and enjoyable manner. In addition to Akemi, the core supporters of this festival are AJAMCA, the Anglo-Japanese Anime, Manga and Culture Association, and the School of Japanese Language and Culture.

On the same site, there is a café, which will be the venue for meet-up activities by a number of Japan Societies and other groups. Members of various Japan societies as well as people who have been to Japan on one of Akemi's Study Tours, including the new Study Manga and Anime at School in Japan Tour, will be able to meet up in the café during the two-day event to catch up, reminisce and enjoy Japanese drinks, snacks, obento and sushi.


Finally, a reminder that the Geek Quiz is on this Thursday at 8 pm. If you'd like to fight for the glory of the OAV, email our President at silverstar1809@googlemail.com.

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Janice Heng
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