New Yorkers Agree: These Are the Most Popular Fashion Brands

While fashion girls are always looking to new york style inspiration, we're curious how the city's style evolves from season to season. It's something we dedicate a lot of articles to, whether they're on the closet staples every NYC girl owns to the things you notice when you move from L.A. to NY. And one thing's for sure: They're constantly adopting bold trends and predicting the hottest trends.

Curious to find out which brands inspire the women of the New York, we teamed up with the data specialists at Social Context Labs. The experts researched social media behavior to gather the city's most popular fashion brands, aka the brands everyone can't help but tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about. By analyzing all social conversation, the experts were able to determine the most popular fashion brands among women living in the NYC area.

A few of the brands that made the short list are household names, but we couldn't help but be surprised at some of the results! Did your all-time favorite fashion brands make the cut? Keep reading to find out why these popular brands continue to be in favor for New York's fashion gals.


When Coco Chanel founded her glamorous fashion empire, she created a luxury brand that's still coveted by women today. With interlocking C's and quilted fabric, her eye for design kept her pieces tailored and dignified. Modern for the time, Chanel is still coveted by millions looking to embody Coco's vision.


Gucci is redefining the luxury fashion industry with its streetwear-inspired aesthetic. From over-the-top accessories, logo-print shoes, and vintage-inspired ready-to-wear, Gucci has quickly regained its spot as one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion world.
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In a world of hypebeast culture, Nike has always been on top of its game, releasing the most coveted sneakers and activewear for any season or style. Nike continues to live up to the hype with fresh colorways, updated retro styles, and enough options that fit everyone's personal preference.


With love from the UK, Topshop has stolen the hearts of NYC with affordable, accessible fashion that looks double the price. This multinational retailer feels like Disneyland for the fashion obsessed. Looking to find the seasons hottest trends? Topshop will always deliver unique eye-catching products.
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