An Overview of Different Types of Group Therapy and How to Get Started

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An Overview of Different Types of Group Therapy and How to Get Started

Understanding the types of group therapy available can be overwhelming, which one to get started with even more. Here is a brief guide on some groups available.

It's no secret that most people deal with stressful events every day. In fact, 54% of people say their stress levels are usually high. This is one of the reasons why having a good safety net in place is so important.

Group therapy is emerging as one of the best ways to help cope with stress. Not only this, different types of group therapy can help with of other issues as well. These include recent events or childhood traumas that are resurfacing after years.

Below, we'll take a look at the different types of group therapy and tell you how each one can help.

What are the Different Types of Group Therapy?

One of the most difficult parts of group therapy is organizing it. Once you set up system you all agree on, arranging meetings becomes a lot easier.

Here are some of the most common types of group therapy.

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy shows the importance of our relationships with other people. Folks that seek this type of therapy learn how to build connections with people and communicate in a healthy manner.

Addiction and Relapse Prevention

Addiction is among the most grueling conditions any person can face. Attending group sessions geared toward addiction and relapse prevention can be very effective. If you want to learn about addiction group treatments, click here for more info.

Group CBT

Like individual CBT, this group therapy focuses on identifying certain behavior patterns. Then, the therapists work with the entire group to change these patterns to improve life quality.

Family and Couple's Therapy

There are many cases where traumas may actually come from the place we call home.

By taking family and couple's therapy, you can bring your family closer together. You'll also learn about the different elements that affect your family and each individual household member.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

There are many benefits that come with attending group therapy. These include:

Gives Hope and Perspective

By attending group sessions, you can see people in different stages of the treatment process. This will help give you perspective while installing hope that you can overcome your challenges.

Share Valuable Information

Aside from visualizing your success, group sessions give you access to information you wouldn't have otherwise. For example, you may get tips and best practices for managing acute symptoms or cravings.

Appeals to Everyone

Humans are social creatures. Having a group that allows you to vent is appealing to everyone. Even folks that seem shy tend to open up and share after a few sessions.

Support and Empathy

Lastly, being with a group of people who are going through a similar challenge provides support. Even if you only attend meetings once per week, they can have a great effect on your mood!

Setup Your Group in a Stress-Free Environment

Deciding that you need therapy is never a bad idea. Besides providing a great support system, it can also teach you about yourself and your family members. The types of group therapy above should help you understand the benefits this treatment can offer.

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