At the present stage of development of the gambling industry, many online casinos value their reputation so much that they are ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of its purity. First of all, this is due to the fact that there is intense competition and players can choose which casino they should go play and leave their money. Even the smallest scandal surrounding any casino can lead to its bankruptcy. At the moment, there are almost no dishonest online casinos and every day they are becoming smaller. In this article, we will try to answer one of the most popular questions among players “why does an online casino ask for a passport scan?”.


Verification of documents is a standard procedure for a casino. It is carried out only once in the life of the account.

Online casinos, like banks and other financial institutions, have many customers and turn over a lot of money: they accept from some players and pay to others. Documents, as elsewhere, are needed only for one thing - to verify your identity.

Age Confirmation

Requiring a passport scan, an online casino reinsures both itself and the player from violations in the field of gambling. The user may be denied the provision of services, and his account may be temporarily suspended if evidence is not presented that his age is acceptable.


Manufacturers of casino games are not responsible for the security of transactions (replenishment or withdrawal operations) between the player and the casino. This is the concern of the gaming site itself. It is he who guarantees that your data and money will not fall into third parties, that is, to intruders. Therefore, they take this issue very seriously - all operations are performed through a connection protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

You should not be embarrassed by a request to fill out a registration card, where you indicate all the data that you usually try not to tell anyone outside. Everything is done for your own safety: if the data provided does not match the data in the payment system, the transaction will be frozen or rejected. The casino has a very serious approach to everything regarding personal data and money.


Among the players, information is circulated that some online casinos do not transfer money to gamers until they carefully check all his personal information. And this requires a lot of time. However, this statement is true only for solid wins and truly huge jackpots. In such a situation, an online casino will oblige the client to not only scan documents, but also notarize them, and then forward them to the institution. Therefore, you should be patient and wait for this scheduled check.

However, one should know that such a check should not exceed a week period, excluding the time of shipment. Reputable online casinos will not allow themselves to exceed this period. But dishonest Internet institutions at the first win may ask the player to provide complete and officially certified information about themselves. This should give rise to serious doubts of the player regarding the honest work of the institution.

Another point that should not be forgotten. Upon the expiration of the passport, credit card or other document, the gamer should immediately notify the gambling establishment in order to avoid future unpleasant situations associated with obtaining a win.


Many players consider casino account verification as an obstacle or even refuse to play in such an institution. The reasons for this lie in the address verification rules. To do this, you need to not only send a copy of your passport, but also a certificate-utility bill, which will indicate your name, surname and address. For those who live in rented apartments, or the bill does not come in their name, this creates additional difficulties. The fact that the certificate must be no older than three months does not allow sending the same scanned copy of the document, as we do with the passport.

In this regard, players are looking for a casino that does not require a passport scan and a certificate to withdraw the money won. Such a gambling establishment should be simultaneously with the simplicity of verifying the account, but also be respectable and make payments really quickly.

To play without verification of the account, you need to remember that payments will be made on the same payment system with which the deposit was made.


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