Why are most casino customers male?

Even in ancient times, cash games were popular, and today this type of entertainment has become especially interesting. Women and men, regardless of age, play roulette and slot machines, poker or blackjack. And there are more and more gambling. Meanwhile, manufacturers of gambling software release more interesting and exciting games.

But who loves gambling more: men or women? We can unequivocally answer that it is the stronger sex that is most often fond of such games. Men are more frequent visitors to gambling establishments. Why is this happening?

Gambling - activities for men

According to statistics, there are 4% more gamblers of men than women. Therefore, Gaminator casinos are most often visited by representatives of the stronger sex.

According to 2010 data, 75% of the men surveyed admitted that they like to spend time gambling in casinos. But such women are only 71%. Why is it that men are so attracted to the game for money?

Researchers from the University of Southern California believe that it is the stronger sex that is prone to risk. The defeat does not stop him, but only pushes him even more. But women are more circumspect and cautious. Nicole Lighthall, the lead author of this study, says that such behavior is beneficial in terms of evolution: women in stressful situations lost control about 32 times, but men under the same circumstances 48 times. Thus, the fair sex is more stable and not inclined to take risks.

At the same time, scientists have noted that risk is necessary in our lives. He must be present in gambling, because without him you can not win.

In addition to risk, men are attracted to the casino by a sense of excitement, extreme sports, and a spirit of rivalry. And also such games give a lot of chances to get cash prizes, which is also very important.

Playing in casino, a man experiences all those emotions that he may not have enough in his calm and measured life. And the possibility of real wins attracts players even more.

Take risks and win in our online casino! Good luck in the most gambling games.


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