Unusual casino robbery

In gaming clubs there is so much money that they become the subject of adoration for almost every professional thief. How many casinos were robbed - do not count. We offer unusual cases of robbery, which will be discussed for a long time.

Simple-minded robbery

A curious incident occurred in the casino Bellagio with the robber Anthony Carleo. The young man burst into the club in a motorcycle helmet and with a gun, stealing one and a half million dollars. The man managed to escape, but not for long.

Firstly, the chips were equipped with chips. Secondly, Carleo boasted a “feat” on the Internet, so the police quickly figured it out. The croupier’s phrase that it’s enough to have a mask and a gun to quickly get a win in a casino, rather than sit at the table for hours, prompted the man to rob the man.

Regular robberies

Reginald Johnson robbed Treasure Island Casino a couple of times and with extreme cruelty. The first time he burst into the hall, shooting at a guard and taking with him $ 30,000. Just a few months later, Johnson returned to this casino, discharging a clip in the club guard and again taking out the money.

The robber felt unpunished and soon again burst into Treasure Island. But now the security was prepared, the man was immediately recognized and detained. Johnson was sentenced to 130 years in prison, and he explains his motive by hating everyone who worked in the institution.

Robbery for love

The young girl Heather Tollchief in 1993 met a repeat offender Robert Solis and fell in love with him without a memory. Feeling tender feelings for the thief, Heather easily agreed to participate in a major robbery of the Circus Circus casino.

The couple carefully prepared for the robbery. In a stolen car, young people drove into an institution, breaking its wall, and took two and a half million dollars. Then they successfully escaped and flew to the Cayman Islands.

The girl’s happiness did not last long. Upon learning that she was pregnant, the accomplice threw the unfortunate with only a thousand dollars. Then Heather went to surrender to the police, pointing to Solis. But he was never found.

Technological robbery

Melbourne Crown gambling house was robbed in the most technological way. The criminals remotely connected to the casino video surveillance system and manipulated the cameras in the VIP room for high rollers. They pointed their lenses at the cards of the opponents and studied the combinations, then the information was instantly transmitted through the headphones to the accomplices who were sitting at the gaming table. As a result, a couple of players earned $ 33 million.

They managed to catch only one scammer, the rest remained at large.


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