Scientists have shown how an online casino gamer will look after 20 years of addiction

Researchers at a Canadian online casino have decided to fantasize about what a person might look like after twenty years of difficulty sitting at computer games. The authors have created a prototype of a deformed gamer, insisting on the science of their work.

The grotesque three-dimensional model describes all the possible deformities that can occur with the human body after a lengthy home remand alone with the game system.

The work of the researchers was based on the position that some particularly addictive players can spend 18 hours a day in the virtual universe. What about a person who will spend two decades in such an unhealthy regime? Experts believe that nothing good.

The result of the controversial study was Michael - a scary gamer from the future. He has sloping shoulders and a hunched back, dark circles under his eyes, deformed skulls through the headphones, blemish belly, pale skin, calluses on the fingers, varicose veins and many other diseases caused by abuse of gaming sessions.

However, it is difficult to imagine a person who, for two decades in a row, will spend 18 hours playing video games. It is difficult to believe in some of the provisions of this study. For example, in such severe deformation of the skull due to the pressure of gaming headsets. We must think that the work and its result should consolidate in the mass consciousness the disgusting image of the possible consequences of the abuse of video games. However, it is unlikely that it will claim serious scientific status.


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