How to Win Online Slots?

Today, online slots are the easiest and most fun way to gamble. Usually, they do not require players special skills or pre-installation of the program, different original animations and exciting storylines.

But in order for the game to be successful, it is recommended to follow certain tactics. We have carefully studied which slot games strategies help win big rewards. So, if you are interested in how to win online slots, you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the TOP most successful methods that will increase your chances of success:

Naked Pulls Slot Game Strategy

Many gamblers have heard about Naked Pulls, but only one knows how to win slots using this strategy. The bottom line is that in the case of a series of losers, you need to change the machine. There are several ways to find a slot that gives away:

  • find out the percentage of slot payments;
  • check the payout table for the number of winning combinations and the maximum payout amount.

Before the start of the game you need to determine for yourself the number of bad rotations, after which you will start playing another machine. But keep in mind that if you played and won, and later suffered several defeats, then this does not mean that you have to leave this slot, especially if you are in the win.

Experienced gamers recommend that you set 7-15 rotations. Because if there are fewer, you will have to constantly change the machine. It is worthwhile to leave the game when you are in a difficult financial situation or approaching a negative figure.

With this scheme, you can easily control your bankroll and make the game more orderly. Because of the small losses, you do not have to constantly lose money.

The Martingale Method

The Martingale system is considered to be one of the most popular strategies because it is extremely effective and allows you to beat any online casino. The application of this scheme will not only return previously spent money, but also earn extra money.

If you are lucky and have a special combination, your bank may increase tenfold. To maximize your success, you'll need to find a slot with the following features:

  • efficiency from 95%;
  • minimum bid range from 1 to 100 units;
  • 3 bonus symbols;
  • opportunity to activate frispins, doubles play, bonus and super bonus rounds.

There is always one line in the game. The starting rate is minimal, but in the future, after each loss, it doubles twice. In the event of a win, the game starts again with the minimum bet size.

As a rule, a series of setbacks is interrupted by a win, which covers all previous expenses and generates income. This strategy is ideal for those who have good startup capital.

The Antimartingale Method

You can also use the Antimartingale strategy. But everything works exactly the opposite. The essence of the method is to increase the bet in case of winning and to reduce the amount after the successful combination is issued.

To some, this algorithm may seem counterintuitive. Some players are faced with the fact that, after winning, the slots begin to issue a series of losses. Although the opposite often happens, players manage to win many times in a row.

The main advantage of this scheme is that it is easy to play, but the money will not be lost too quickly. It is advisable to apply the strategy first in free demo mode.

Upstairs Strategy

Upstairs is one of the most popular and effective ways to win a slot. This is the best option for those who do not intend to take the risk, but prefer to follow a robust instruction to achieve the goal.

The player must first decide on the base bet from which he will start the game. If you lose in the first spin, the bet remains unchanged, ie the player makes the same amount as in the previous game. If you win, you increase the previous bet twice.

Here's how you do it: if you make a successful combination, you double the size of the bet, and double it when losing. You raise the bet to the limit that you can afford.

The main advantage of this system is its simplicity and ability to quickly pay back the invested funds. If you really get on the wave of success, you will be able to win the big win.

One-Play Method

This method is widely known because it involves winning the first bet. The advantage of the method is its simplicity, it requires no special training.

The point is to choose the most exciting machine and in the first rotation to make the maximum bet. In the case of luck, you can split the amount into several small bets and continue playing them. Only you have to decide when to stop the game, but do not play your money on this slot anymore.

In other words, if you lose money that won in the first rotation, move to another slot. If the first spin was a loser, then go to another machine.

Players are often lucky in the first spin, giving the impression that casinos are specifically tweaking it to entice customers. If so, then this system allows players to bet the maximum amount for themselves, win and then play only for the money earned, without additional investment.

Umbrella system

The essence of the Umbrella strategy is to gradually raise and lower your bid. The system itself can be customized for each player, based on three factors: style of play (aggressive, moderate or conservative), bankroll and time allocated to play.

Before starting the game, you should decide on the pattern you will be betting on. The game starts with a minimum size, then goes up, then down again. It's important that your bids change smoothly, without any sharp jumps.

The total number of bids planned by the template should not go beyond the budget. In addition, it may be limited by some part of it. This gives the client confidence that he will not go bankrupt.

If desired, this method can be customized to your own style. If you are a restrained player, plan for smaller bets. Hard-working users who have a large bankroll can move to maximum bids faster and stay longer on larger bids.

Play & Run Strategy

The strategy is based on the fact that the player sets for himself a specific amount that he plans to spend on the selected slot. Reaching the maximum threshold, it switches to another slot and starts playing again.

The main thing here is to be able to stop in time and not get carried away by the excitement. To act on this strategy, there are two main principles to keep in mind:

  • marginal loss - the maximum amount for one online slot;
  • empty spin - the number of moves a player can make.

Let's say, if you have $ 100, you can divide your bankroll into 4 equal parts. You can bet $ 1 each to play 25 times in each of the 4 slots. Or, set the number of moves, say, 20-30 for each slot machine, and then move on to the next slot, whether you win it or not.

Three Star Method

"Three stars" is by far one of the easiest and most interesting methods for playing online slots. The essence of this strategy is similar to the game principle of the system "Naked Spins", since it is to stop the game when reaching a predetermined negative value.

The bidding amount depends on your bankroll, although the number of bids is fixed. An example is the following:

  • 10 drum spins priced at three coins.
  • 10 rotations priced in two coins.
  • 10 spins are priced in one coin.

The number of rounds at each bet can be any, but at each stage their number should be identical. If you choose 6 as a "bare number", then you will start drawing 10 spins at the rate of three coins. In the case of 6 losing rounds, you should lower your bet on one coin and start a new game in which bets will be equal to two coins.

The player must follow the same pattern. If there are 6 empty spins when betting on one coin, then the game on this slot should be ended. This system is suitable for players who want to protect themselves from a rapid loss, so be realistic in your calculations.

Chicken Strategy

The implication of this strategy is that an online casino visitor does not have to play the same slot several times in a row for a single gaming session. It is quite possible to combine this strategy with other bidding systems, which makes it particularly attractive.

First you need to determine the amount you can allocate for a gaming session. Then divide the amount by the number of slots you plan to run. Let's say your bankroll is $ 100 and you have chosen 10 online slots. From this it follows that you need to allocate $ 10 for each slot.

It is very important not to lose more than the allocated amount and not to stay longer than you planned. You have to decide for yourself what bets you will make and how many spins will be made based on the amount allocated. After playing, move on to the next machine.

Try to remember which slots you played so that they do not come back. Regardless of the results - whether you win or not - it is not worth starting another game with the same slot.

This method allows you to play more disciplined without spending a lot of time on one slot. The main advantage of the strategy is that it does not impose rigid restrictions and is easily combined with other bidding methods.


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