Today, online slots are the easiest and most fun way to gamble. Usually, they do not require players to have special skills or pre-installation of the program, have original animations and exciting storylines.

But in order for the game to be successful, it is recommended to follow certain tactics. We have carefully studied what exactly the strategies of playing slots help to win big prizes. So, if you are interested in how to win online slots, it will be useful for you to get acquainted with the TOP-20 most successful methods that will increase your chances of success:

Naked Pulls Slots Strategy

Many gamblers have heard of Naked Pulls, but only a few know how to win slots using this strategy. The bottom line is that in the case of a series of losses, you need to change the machine. There are several ways to find a slot that gives away:

  • find out the percentage of slot payouts;
  • check in the payout table the number of winning combinations and the size of the maximum win.

Before the game, you need to determine for yourself the number of unsuccessful spins, after which you will start playing another machine. But keep in mind that if you played and won, and later suffered several defeats, it does not mean that you need to leave this slot, especially if you win.

Experienced gamers recommend setting 7-15 losing spins. Because if there are fewer of them, you will have to constantly change the machine. You should leave the game when you find yourself in a difficult financial situation or approaching a negative figure.

With this scheme, you can easily control your bankroll and make the game more orderly. Due to small losses, you do not have to constantly recoup the lost money.

Martingale method

The Martingale system is considered one of the most popular strategies because it is extremely effective and allows you to beat any online casino. The application of this scheme will not only return the money previously spent, but also earn extra.

If you are lucky and get a special combination, your bank can increase tenfold. In order to achieve maximum success, you need to find a slot with the following characteristics:

  • efficiency from 95%;
  • minimum range of rates from 1 to 100 units;
  • availability of 3 bonus symbols;
  • possibility to activate free spins, doubling game, bonus and super bonus round.
  • one line is always involved in the game. The starting bet is minimal, but later after each loss it doubles 2 times. If you win, the game starts again with the minimum bet size.

As a rule, a series of failures is interrupted by a win, which covers all previous costs and brings income. This strategy is ideal for those who have good start-up capital.

Antimartingale method

You can also use the Antimartingale strategy. But here everything works exactly the opposite. The essence of the method is to increase the bet in case of winning and to reduce the amount after the issuance of a failed combination.

To some, this algorithm may seem illogical. Some players face the fact that slots after winning start to issue a series of losses. Although the opposite often happens - players manage to win many times in a row.

The main advantage of this scheme is that it is easy to win back, but the money will not be lost too quickly. It is advisable to apply the strategy first in a free demo mode.

Up the Stairs Strategy

"Up the stairs" is one of the most popular and effective ways to win a slot. This is the best option for those who do not intend to take risks, but prefer to follow reliable instructions to achieve the goal.

First, the player must decide on the base bet, from which he will start the game. If you lose in the first spin, the bet remains the same, ie the player deposits exactly the same amount as in the previous game. If you manage to win, then double the previous bet.

Then you act in the same way: if you lose a successful combination, double the size of the bet, if you lose, halve it. You raise your bet to the limit you can afford.

The main advantage of this system is its simplicity and ability to quickly recoup the investment. If you really manage to get on the wave of success, you will be able to win big.

One Game Method

This method is widely known in that it involves winning the first bet. The advantage of the method is simplicity, its use does not require special training.

The point is to choose the most exciting machine and make the maximum bet in the first spin. In case of luck, you can divide the amount into several small bets and continue the game on them. It's up to you to decide when to stop playing, but don't play your money on this slot anymore.


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