How to win against all odds? The most unexpected winnings in history!

All gamblers hope for winnings. Indeed, this is the main goal of most players. But only a few of them are lucky big. We offer several stories about the most incredible wins in the world of excitement.

Millionaire Waitress

January 29, 2000 completely changed the life of a waitress from Las Vegas. After the shift, Cynthia Jay went to the casino and put $ 27 on the machine. She played the One-armed Bandit and at first lost, but suddenly jackpot signs appeared on the screen of the device.

Since the device was part of the Megabucks system, which accrued interest on the loss of many machines, the jackpot was a record - $ 34,959,458. In one evening, the girl turned into a millionaire. Unfortunately, a few months after the record game, Cynthia was in a terrible car accident and remained in a wheelchair. In her interviews, the millionaire stated that she would give all the winnings just to walk again.

Millions as a gift

American Johan Hoyndl turned 74 years old, and she decided to celebrate her birthday unusually. The old woman went to Las Vegas to lose money in a casino.

Launching another machine at the Baileys Hotel, Johan unexpectedly won the jackpot - $ 22.6 million. What is most interesting - this win has been accumulating since the waitress Cynthia Jay hit the jackpot.

The old woman spent her "earned" money correctly: she made repairs in the house and went on a trip.

Play out of boredom ...

One Los Angeles programmer went to a basketball game in March 2003. Since he arrived at the place very early, he became bored. Then the guy decided to pass the time, spinning the reels on the casino's gaming machine.

What was his surprise when the jackpot fell on the screen. The programmer thought it was a system crash and decided to leave the institution. But the staff of this club stopped the man and assured that he became the owner of 40 million dollars.

Double luck

American Elmer Sherwin won the Megabucks machine twice. In 1989, the device gave him a jackpot of $ 5 million. The lucky man spent all the money on traveling. In 1992, this man decided to play again, and he was lucky again. This time his jackpot was $ 21 million.

Win and lose

This story teaches us to stop in time. Player Kerry Parker in 1997 won $ 20 million in baccarat. This happened at MGM Grand Casino. But the gambling man could not stop and continued to play further. As a result, after 2 years, he lost $ 30 million in blackjack.


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