The projects of the new land-based casinos do not cease to amaze, fueling the interest of players. NativeCasinos has analyzed the latest information on futuristic gambling establishments and is in a hurry to share the information received.

A floating complex on three ships

In 2012, the architect Philippe Kurzevski from Poland presented the project of a floating entertainment complex on three ships. The structure has the shape of a three-pointed star and is absolutely mobile.

On the decks of the floating entertainment center there is a hotel, casino, concert halls, sports grounds. The highlight of the complex are special capsules for deep-sea diving in the depths of the ocean.


The floating island Utopia, designed by a group of enthusiastic architects from Yacht Island Design, is a 100 by 65 meter building. The complex is able to move through the water due to the screws integrated into the columns, and also balance on the waves, providing guests with a comfortable stay on board during a storm.

The islands can be reached by sea, for which a dock is provided, or by helicopter (a landing pad is equipped on the upper deck). The construction has eleven decks, which housed casinos, restaurants, cinemas and other places for entertainment.

The ambitious project continues the list of futuristic buildings invented by a team of invented architects. The concept of a yacht with a waterfall and a volcano was previously introduced.

Miami sun

The Swedish company Vision Division introduced the original project of the Miami Sun casino, which is a structure equipped with solar panels. They simultaneously provide unique illumination, imitation of sunrises and sunsets, as well as moonlight.

In addition to its internal functionality, the Miami Sun casino will stand out by becoming an environmental facility that uses solar energy to provide electricity to the building.

Space casino

Playboy Corporation and Virgin Galactic, a space tourism business, have created a joint space casino project. The concept is an orbital station with a diameter of about two kilometers and rotating around its own axis. The design will provide artificial gravity in the premises of the complex.

Inside the station there will be a casino where guests can play space poker, roulette or blackjack. Restaurants will offer tourists food printed on a 3D printer. The fantasy of the authors suggests that the station will be able to go on a journey to other planets.

Casino robotic staff

Robotics gradually penetrates into all spheres of human activity, not excluding gambling. In China's Macau, the Ming robot works, instantly distributing cards, ahead of professional croupiers in this matter. The creator of Paradise Entertainment Ltd promises to expand the functions of its creation.

The Japanese corporation Yaskawa Motoman Robotics has begun developing a series of croupier robots, drafted as Dexter. The mechanisms have particularly flexible limbs, approaching in characteristics to the capabilities of human hands.

The features of croupier robots will be speed of work, compactness, round-the-clock operation. Car maintenance will cost less than payments to live employees. Using robots will allow you to start working in regions where there are restrictions on hiring a casino.


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