5 players who have beaten the largest casino

The goal of any gambler is to win money. Most often, they rely on luck. But our heroes have proven that not only luck can help you win. A little trick - and you can earn a million.

Phil Ivey

Of course, this person has a real poker talent. He often participates in tournaments and even earned a WSOP bracelet. But this is not about it now. Phil Ivey also loves another game - Baccarat, which has helped him win as many as two Las Vegas casinos. In one of them the player made $ 9.6 million and in the other $ 12 million. His winnings were promoted not by luck, but by the ability to observe. The player studied the cards for their smallest manufacturing defects, which allowed them to cheat the casino. However, his trick was proved, so he was not paid the money.

Andy Bloch

While still a student, the player began to think about how to casino. Andy used mathematical techniques and even one famous poker game. As a result, he was able to create his own computer program that allowed him to win six-card poker. Andy played it with an online casino and managed to make a million dollars in just six months. A little later he went offline and now participates in poker tournaments in the world.

Don Johnson

This player played tricks. In 2011, he received high-roller status at Atlantic City establishments. According to local gaming club rules, all high-stakes players can benefit from certain bonuses. Don was able to repay 20% of the losing money at $ 500,000 and could also make free bets if he made a dealer mistake. This is what the player used while multiplying capital. He managed to earn more than $ 5 million, but after that he was no longer allowed on the doorstep of the institution, and the executive director of the casino was fired.

Billy Walters

In 1986, this player managed to win more than $ 3 million in roulette in just one night. How did he do it? A few days before his game, Billy sent hired people to the casino, who carefully watched each roulette of one of the Las Vegas casinos. Then Billy calculated on which of the roulette more often the same numbers fall. The result exceeded itself - Billy put in just a few numbers (7, 10, 20, 27, 38) and won big money.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

The former producer called the casino his main source of income. And this is not surprising. Gonzalo frequently visits Las Vegas, where he always plays roulette. It first records the results and then calculates the most frequent loss. This allowed him to earn $ 1,500,000.

As you can see, these players were able to beat the casino not only with the help of luck, but also with their trick. They have proven that gambling is easy to win, just a little more to watch.


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