5 best roulette game systems

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games. There are many varieties of it. One of them is French Roulette - it is the closest to the classic game, but with interesting additional features. They allow players to earn high winnings.

But if you want to make your games much more profitable, consider the recommendations of professional gamblers.

Martingale system

One of the most popular methods is to bid in turn according to certain rules. The player must put on red, then on black, based on the color on which the ball has stopped. If the bet is not played, you must double and continue playing the same color.


Strategy requires tenacity and lengthy calculations. There are a number of numbers on the table that stand in pairs. It is their couple that is the "mirror". When a number with a "mirror" falls on the roulette, you must place it on the "mirror" pair, up to the twentieth rate.


The method is based on probability theory and also requires calculations. You need to keep track of which number fell first, then which fall further within an hour. Then you need to follow the pattern and put on a specific group. For example, during the hour most often dropped 14 and 24, then we can assume that further will be 34 or 4.


You need to put on color, dozens or columns. For example, you had the last dozen. So now you need to put on the previous two.

Unpopular numbers

In each game there are numbers that are popular or unpopular with the players. Under this system you need to choose unpopular and put on them. In this case, you can really make money.

But despite these systems, it is important to keep in mind that gambling is just fun. Play for free and without registration, try strategies and decide which will be the best.


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