P1 Profits Review + BEST BONUS OF 2018

Welcome you to my P1 Profits Review ! >>>

P1 Profits Review + BEST BONUS OF 2018

The ranking factors of Google are plentiful and one of, if not the most guarded secret of Google itself. It is because these factors are kept secret that no one can abuse them to get the search results to their advantage. Here are the different ranking factors from Google to keep in mind.

Authority of domain

This is the largest and this is really just a general snapshot of your site. It takes into account other factors to give your site an overall rating of authority, and each webpage you try to rank on your site is affected by the domain it is associated with. The more authority your site has, the stronger each page on your site will be and the stronger your internal link juice will be. How much content you have on your site is another factor. Content sites will fool mini-sites (Add link) as a reflection of the authority of your site.

Anchor text of external link

This goes along with the next Google ranking factor, but the anchor text that you use from other web pages outside of your site to point to your site helps Google decide what your page and its content is about, so getting it as focused as possible is great.

Power of external links

Welcome you to my P1 Profits Review !

The authority and PR of sites that refer to you have a substantial effect on the strength of those links. A PR 6 site that links to your site will be a great incentive for not only the page that is linked to your site, but for your entire site as a whole, because it contributes to the overall authority.

Conversely, if you point to a number of spammy links to your site, this can have a detrimental effect on the ranking of your site.

On page SEO / keyword usage

I made an entire post about SEO factors on the page. It is important to refresh yourself if necessary, because even though they are very easy to implement (which I also explain in that post), they have a substantial role in your ability to rank for a keyword so that you . Equally important is the inclusion of LSI keywords (link adding) or variations / synonyms of your keywords on your page so that they look more natural for the search engines.

Social search / proof

Social search and social proof are two more substantial factors that I have actually predicted will play an increasingly important role in SEO. This is such an important Google ranking factor because social proof is in fact people who are responsible for the validity and quality of your content, so if your website and its content gets a thumbs up from Google's own users, Google says that you have something that is worthwhile and that scores well.

Traffic + bounce rate

The amount of traffic you get to your site is another measure of quality, so this is another one of Google's rankings. The bounce rate is another factor, because if everyone who visits your site leaves quickly without visiting another page, this is proof that you can not properly optimize your site or that your site and its content are of low quality, and Google can assume that the latter.

Registration / Hosting

Does hosting affect your ranking? You think so. Suppose you have a cheap hosting provider that experiences frequent interruptions (why do you still use it?). Google does not like sites that have problems staying online because it causes problems for users trying to reach your site. If this happens often, you can fall in rankings.

If your site is too tight, sites that link to your site can find links that would undoubtedly also cause a reduction of the SERPs for you.

If you are on a shared hosting account with a spammy webmaster who is constantly spamming people, if that site is complained enough and eventually tagged and punished by Google, you may feel some of the impact.

That is why you have to work with a well-known and reputable hosting company.

Other factors

There are dozens if not hundreds of other ranking factors from Google. Some of these include the domain time of your site (a newer unproven site is being surpassed by a site that has existed for several years), the loading time of your website, how often you add new content, and a flat website architecture to give a name little.


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