Building Friendship in Barcelona

When summer came around, Jordan and Marie began talking about planning a vacation. They had been friends since they were in kindergarten, and still after all that time they had never actually been traveling together. Throughout the years both of them had brought up going somewhere, but nothing had ever come of it. This year they decided things would be different, and they wanted to organize a trip together to simply celebrate their years as friends. 

Both of them brought up several possibilities for places to visit, but their favorite idea quickly became Barcelona. They both loved art and were interested to see the numerous UNESCO sites the city was famous for. Jordan suggested that maybe they should look at where to find photographers who could take pictures of their trip; Marie loved the idea, and together they booked a photographer through Localgrapher who could meet them to do a photo shoot in Barcelona one of the days they were traveling.

Right away, Barcelona proved to me more than either of them ever imagined. They spent the first day walking around the historic Gothic Quarter of the city, with its narrow cobblestoned streets and imposing buildings. Each of them loved the atmosphere of the city, and how it felt like there was a new discovery around every corner.

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The next day was the adventure they were both most looking forward to: the Gaudí surrealist park. The famous artist from Barcelona had left numerous landmarks on the city, including this impressive UNESCO site full of creative buildings in Gaudí’s unique style. Jordan and Marie particulalry liked seeing the house where Gaudí spent much of his time and came up with some of his best-known creations. The pair of friends made sure to get some pictures of their own at the surrealist park, which also gave them some ideas they wanted to discuss with the vacation photographer.

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In their correspondence, the photographer had recommended that they begin the photo shoot at one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks, the La Sagrada Familia church. This incredible piece of architecture was also designed by Gaudí using his distinctive surrealist style. Towering above the other buildings of Barcelona, this impressive landmark had become a symbol for the city, and the photographer felt like it would capture what made Barcelona special for Jordan and Marie.

Having only seen the church from a distance, Jordan and Marie arrived early so they could take their time to tour La Sagrada Familia and appreciate the design before taking pictures. Both of them couldn’t have been happier with the location for the photo shoot; it was a perfect way to commemorate their trip to Barcelona with such an iconic and majestic landmark. The photographer worked with them to make sure they had a set of vacation photographs they were happy with.

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For the rest of their vacation, Jordan and Marie soaked up the energy of Barcelona by exploring La Rambla with is charming shops and restaurants, and the various plazas and squares found around the city. The suggestions the photographer in Barcelona gave them helped the friends pick out other places in the city to visit, and how to include distinctive landmarks in their vacation pictures. They were happy to return from their vacation with an excellent set of photos to share with their friends and family.


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