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Magento Shopping Cart: All-in-one Ecommerce System for Building Online Store

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Ever noticed how many efforts building a shop on the Internet might take? Some people believe that it is too easy in comparison with a brick-and-mortar one. But in reality, this is not the case. You need to choose a platform that will suit your particular type of products.

Moreover, if you plan on a lot of store operations, you need a software to track your orders. Besides, do you have an idea how to track inventory? Think about this for a moment. You also need a lot of efforts to get your customers come to your store.  Luckily, there is a software allowing you to do all that. Magento shopping cart provides many useful tools for handling different business processes.

Magento shopping cart at first glance looks a little too basic. It does not come with payment gateways or instruments for managing reuse of contents. Customization of designs is also a somewhat complicated process. However, if you need all these features and more, you can turn to their marketplace. It has a lot of options (free and paid) for payments and a lot more.

Magento shopping cart has a great feature. It is an array of scheduling instruments. If you want to plan a campaign and define how long the promotion will last, you can choose a specific day and time to schedule emails to be sent to customers. That is very useful when you have holidays coming up and want to do a promo.  Once the holiday passes, everything goes back to normal.

Needless to say, that Magento is among the premier Ecommerce shopping carts along with such software as Shopping Cart Elite and some others, which are considered to be some of the best on the market today.

Wouldn’t it be great if the shoppers bought everything they put in their shopping carts every time they visited a store? Unfortunately, many customers leave the items in the carts and never come back. Abandoned shopping carts are one of the hot problems of each e-store, the one for which they have not invented any cure yet. Nearly seventy percent of customers shopping online leave their shopping carts without finishing the purchasing transactions. Lots of customers need a sort of push from the e-shop to get back to their carts to complete the shopping process.

Check this out: Magento shopping cart deals with this common problem trying to decrease the number of abandonment instances. Magento shopping cart in combination with Agile CRM offers you tools to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts.

An efficient approach to the issue of shopping cart abandonment is considered to be remarketing. Magento shopping cart system allows analyzing the reasons why customers decide on abandoning the website interrupting their purchasing process, one of them being higher than the usual cost they didn’t expect to see when entering their shopping bag.

The exit-intent popup is a tool used by Magento shopping cart software to propose discounts or coupons to customers. People like to get a discount, especially if they didn’t expect it. Magento shopping cart integrated with Agile use this method of fighting abandoned shopping cart instances.

SMS marketing is another tool used by Magento shopping cart. It may not look very modern, but it is very beneficial. It works nicely with a ninety percent customers reading the messages almost instantaneously. It is considered one of the most efficient tools for reaching customers. SMS marketing gets the attention of nearly fifty-one percent of the younger audience who gladly give their telephone information to get discounts and incentives.

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Magento shopping cart integrated with other software allows marketing specialists to use automation and set up drip marketing. A drip marketing campaign may be utilized for sending personal discounts to a variety of customers. These proposed discounts depend on how often they shop and how much they spend in this particular store. Agile allows personalizing these SMS with the names of the customers and other relevant info.

Buyers often look at the items they do not plan to purchase. But it is very beneficial to get the information like that. It lets you observe the buying patterns of the clients. It gives an opportunity for retargeting customers to another item they might choose. You may also show the same item, which is priced differently. Magento shopping cart can follow the patterns and propose retargeting.

It is known that over fifty-four percent of buyers are going to go back and finish the transactions purchasing the goods they have in a shopping bag at a reduced price. Magento shopping cart integrated with other software can provide web analytics. It allows tracking buyers’ online behaviors. It can be used to make shoppers buy goods at a discounted price (e.g., with coupons) while helping to assess clicks.

Magneto shopping cart can analyze the patterns of shopping cart abandonment. The emails sent to the customers in regards of cart abandonment get opened by forty-six percent of shoppers. Close to one-third of clicked ones results in purchases of the products that had been abandoned.

Targeting of the email messages by a shopping cart in Magento helps push customers to return to the abandoned carts and complete the purchase.  It may happen that the clients abandon shopping carts having no intentions to do so. Emailing them is the best option to reach them to get them finish their transactions.

Shopping cart in Magento in combination with Agile gives you an opportunity to email shoppers instantly after they abandon their carts. Agile provides “predefined” measures to be utilized for sending various propositions or reminder messages asking to finalize the purchasing process or get other items at a discounted price using a coupon.

The incidents when customers abandon their shopping carts happen a lot. They may decide to do that realizing that they can find a lower price or a better product elsewhere. Sometimes, the lengthy checkout with many stages can also lead to shopping cart abandonment. The optimal method to make the buyers return is sending them better offers or attractive discounts. By integrating Magneto shopping cart with Agile, merchants can do all this easily.

After you define the design of your e-shop, you can begin adding the products. The types of products can vary: physical goods, subscriptions, groups of items, downloads, and so on. In essence, Magento shopping cart allows you to do a lot of things, for example, provide limited time offers, include custom attributes and more.

Want to know more about Ecommerce software? Please feel free to read the article on this topic.



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