Acne or spots should not be a worry now

The issues of acne are generally experienced by the teenager and youngsters. It is a time when the hormones react to the bodily changes

Acne may create havoc in youngster’s life. He or she may feel embarrassed due to the spots and the mars on the face. Most of the times acnes are painful and if you break the boils, it can leave blemishes that may make you look ugly.

There are many conventional treatment methods that are quite commendable to cure acnes. They may involve the lotions and the cleansing agents that are made with creams and gels with benzoyl peroxide and the exaggeration of vitamin A.

Some antibiotics also help. You may consume them orally besides applying the gels. You can control the occurrence of the acne by changing your diet from oily to healthy food. Following are some good items that will help you in fighting the stubborn acnes.


Tomatoes are known for their red color. You may take 50 ml of its juice and mix it well with tablespoon of generous dose of lemon juice. After this, apply the solution on the face. You will be amazed to see that it makes your skin glow and also soft.


You can even use some herbal treatments to reduce the acne and get rid of it. Divide the extracts of yellow dock, cleavers, sarsaparilla and burdock. These items are said to be effective lymph and blood cleansers. Mix all the extracts well.

A half tablespoon of the same will prove to be beneficial, if you take it thrice in one day. Follow a healthy diet along for more advantages. The acne inflammation may also calm, if you apply oil of the tea tree on the lesions. This will greatly reduce the acne.


Sugar may be helpful in warding off the pimples. It has an antibacterial effect naturally. Bacteria generally develop in the pore clogs and trigger the breaking out of the same that leads to pain and spots.

You can use this as a cost effective method to deal with acne. Mix the sugar cubes or granules with water well to make a soothing paste. Apply this concoction on the face to exfoliate it. This will also make you feel fresh. Rinse it off afterwards with lots of water.


The avocado fruit is beneficial in many ways. Its oil is perfect for acne and spots treatment. You may apply the oil after churning it out of the fruit on the parts where the pimple and blemishes are present. It will slowly take it effect. Use it frequently for best results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is said to be one of the best solutions for acne and it can eliminate it very well. It consists of medical properties that are significant in providing you the necessary relief from the spots and pimples. It is an agent that is anti inflammatory.

It can also cure skin burns and wounds to render smoothness to your face and also removes the scars. It will restore the wellness of the skin back to you. It is aids in boosting the immune system of the body. You can wash your face with the soaps of Aloe Vera regularly.


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