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Facebook has been a wonderful social media podium in the internet world as many users access the same for personal use or for promoting their business. They can interact with their friends easily through the messenger facilities that facebook offers. Various amazing features has really helped users accomplishing important tasks on facebook such as promoting their online business as well as for brand awareness with much more to follow.

In recent days, many scamming activities are being operated through Facebook that are polluting the reputation of this social media podium. Various users have to pay charges for the OTP or three digit code shared to people befriended with them on Facebook.

According to the reports, the scammers made an identical profile matching with the victim’s friend and sent them the friend request few months back to make them feel like they are old friends. They then planned to trap the users in a friendly way and convinced them successfully to provide OTP code for shopping purpose as their mobile phone is not working, Once three digit Pin received on the mobile phone of victims was provided to scammers, they have been successfully purchasing online gaming credits and other gift card and the charges were added to mobile phone bills of victim.

FBI after getting may complain in this regards has advised the public not to share any OTP or any personal information with anyone, especially anyone even with the known ones through Facebook as it can be anyone who has hacked the personal account of known one and attempting to scam you.

This is not the only story in which fraudulent activities or scams through mobile phones, but these days, scammers are on the top to hack into user’s Facebook or other social media account such  as twitter or Instagram and ask to make payment through payment through PayPal .

See how they do it

Facebok has seen several scam reports being reported to them by victims who have been scammed on the identity of friends, which fraudsters generally opt for as people generally have blind faith of their friends and transfers money. After all, everyone has read, “friend in need is a friend indeed”

To keep the integrity of their friendship and blind trust on them sometimes leave users nowhere. The scammers use the identity of the FB users and contact their friends and convince them to receive money in their PayPal accounts and transfer the money to their bank account. Once it is done, scammers start making a charge back on the PayPal account to return the money they have transferred.. The victim is in double loss as he has already transferred the money in the bank account and now they have made payment again from their pocket. Facebook help desk service cannot do anything if you have been scammed but you report it to them for the activities being taken place using your identity or some has scammed you using the identity of known one.


Beware of these phone and PayPal scams by adopting the certain strategies mentioned below:


  •   Do make a wise decision if you receive a suspicious message from your friend Facebook account. Check when the last time you interacted with this person as there is a possibility that profile that is being used to interact with you has never done any interaction with you before and has come out of the blue moon to interact with you. This cannot be your friend or there is possibility that some fraudulent activities are being taken place. 
  •  Make sure you have the strong password in place with two step verification enabled so that scammer does not hack your account in any case and plot fraudulent activities using your identity . 
  •  Keep changing the password and do not even think account accessing it with free Wifi connection in the public areas as these are completely insecure and may land you in trouble at any time. 

There is no Facebook helpline number that can help you get connected with certified experts to get instant help in this matter. Users need to contact FB community to avail instant help through Facebook live chat support or contact administrator to secure the podium in quick time. 

There is one more way you can get instant help through phone as several tech support organizations offer third-party customer service for Facebook. Several toll free call lines are connected with Facebook Customer Support Helpline phone Number +1-855-510-0777 (US/CA) | +44 - 800-051-3717 (UK) | +61-180-082-5192 (AUS) that can be  dialled anytime to get instant help for security of Facbeook account from scam activities plotted by scammers.
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Facebook Chat Support | online technical Service

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