Backyard Gardening Tips

I truly love backyard gardening but lets be honest for a moment I am not very good at it. I always come home from the store with new plants of some sort or another and say to my husband with probably a little to much enthusiasm “look honey I bought more plants to kill” He always laugh's and knows in his heart its true. Well this year I am determent to grow and produce fruits and vegetables in my back yard garden.

Maybe with some Backyard Gardening Tips and Ideas I will be successful this year.

I have decided to start a my own site about lawn care and equipment to share of all the things I have learned . As well as pictures of me and my girls working in the garden. Maybe I will get some fruits and veggies to actually grow this year, and maybe I can pass it down to my girls when there ready for there own garden. I even save the packages from the seeds with little notes on how they grew. So every year hopefully my backyard garden will get bigger and bigger.

Container gardening is one of my favorite's. I got very creative and used what I could find. For example my strawberries. I really wanted to hang them but was running out of places for that so I put up a pole panted it red added my strawberry container. As some of you might know I live in Florida and when its hot I find the containers,mostly the bag containers need lots of water. I water them every day if its not raining.


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