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Manifestos for 2012-2012 Tennis Committee

Posted by Chuan-Zun Hua, Tuesday, 17th April 2012 @ 12:05am

  • President

    1. Anshuman Agrawal
    My name is Anshuman Agrawal, a third year of Physics, and I’m applying for the
    post of KCL Tennis President

    I’ve had great times at the club and hope to help keep those moments rolling.
    Being outgoing, enthusiastic and someone who never shies away from lending a
    hand are some of the attributes that will help me be a competent president.

    The great characteristic of the club is its ability to allow a very affordable
    environment to play tennis for people from different schools and years and do
    what we do best, be social. Its wonderful attributes include

    • Beginners coaching
    • a competitive environment with tournaments and matches with other
    university social tennis clubs.
    •Additional sessions of play on the weekends

    Which are elements I will help ensure continue.

    This year some of us were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to see
    the ATP masters tournament. I would very much like the club to have that
    opportunity again.

    Contingent on the number of members in the club and resources available next
    year I would like to increase the number of available courts, especially in the first
    month of the year due to large demand.

    It is paramount that people from the competitive teams representing KCL in
    tennis have routine access to courts to practice in.

    Interactions between team and social tennis members have been very limited
    and is something I would like to see grow, especially at socials.

    The tennis club was lucky to have an exceptional committee this year. I hope to
    be as supportive to the club as their predecessors.

    2. Andre Almeida
    Hi Tennis People,

    My name is Andre Almeida and I am running for KCL Tennis Club President for the 2012/2013 academic year. First of all I would like to congratulate Michael for how well this season went. Thanks Michael for your dedication and enthusiasm. That said, if I am elected president, I pledge to continue with all the initiatives started during Michael's Presidency. In addition to those I would also like to:

    Team Tennis

    - Update the entire Club on the progress of our competitive tennis teams in theirs respective leagues
    - Improve practice conditions for team players by having one indoor session every month (Budget allowing)
    - Integrate women and men's tennis by having joint practice sessions throughout the year
    - Start a club ranking system, allowing members to challenge each other
    - Organise a team photo at the end of the year
    Social Tennis

    - Start a social tennis team that will have the privilege of practicing with competitive team players
    - Improve beginners coaching by having more structured sessions
    - Initiate intermediate and pre-competitive coaching
    - Increase the number of internal social tennis tournaments including a ladder competition
    - Arrange for more events with other universities from the start of the season

    - Increase the number and variety of social events

    Apart from all these, I pledge to the club and all its members my uttermost dedication and hard work. I believe that you should vote for me for the 2012/2013 Tennis Club President because of my vast experience in University Tennis Clubs (KCL and Imperial) as a team player as well as a Committee member. 
    Loads of love,


    3. Stephan Edey
    My name is Stephan Edey and I am applying for the position of President for the KCL Tennis Club.

    After a successful year as the social secretary, organising several socials including our final successful club social at the Whitesmith’s Arms, and co-organising the tennis club’s visit to the ATP World Tour Event last November, it is clear that I have a keen interest in the club’s development. There are a few things, however, that I would seek to change/implement:


    1. Investigate and attempt to secure indoor tennis courts for both the Team and Social tennis groups. As many people tend to avoid playing outdoor sports during the coldest points of the winter season, I think that it is a good idea to provide this.

    2. Aim to reduce the annual membership fee of £33. Our club operates on a heavy surplus and so this move is unlikely to affect our ability to finance the club, but instead increase affordability.

    3. Restructure the “Tennis For Beginners” so that it is run within regular social tennis hours, to give more people an opportunity to seek tips and help. This will make it more worthwhile for the individual coaching. I would also implement a rotor for those who will be coaching so it is more organised

    4. Continue to push competitive events within Social tennis and with other universities for the high level competitive social players.

    I also believe it is important that everyone has a say in the running of the club and thus I would hold regular surveys to ensure people can have their say on what they want to see done/improved throughout the year.


    I believe these ideas could help to develop the club even more and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

    Stephan A Edey.


    1. Anshuman Agrawal

    My name is Anshuman Agrawal, a third year Physics student, and I’m applying for the post of KCL Tennis Treasurer alongside the post of president.As mentioned before I’d like to contribute to the tennis club next year.

    Keeping the club running smoothly throughout the academic year involves managing fiscal matters. A good grasp of arithmetic and basic accounting will help me carry out associated tasks suitably. Although I do find tedious paperwork irksome, it is something I will not shy away from.

    Financial matters may not only be limited to the assurance of courts but at times include the partial sponsorship of social events and gatherings. The frequent use of sites like “student beans” - in typical student fashion for the last three years - has made me aware of useful offers.

    I hope to be an asset to the society for the next academic year and I hope you will vote for me.

    2. Trino Cruz Cervera

    Hi guys,
              My name is Trino and next year will be my third year on the tennis team and of being part of the KCL tennis club. I would like to run for treasurer this year for many reasons, one being to be able to integrate more with the rest of the committee and the club as a whole to work on new ideas and improve our club.
              I believe that managing the money of the club and how it is used is a very important task to take on. In the past I have unfortunately spent weeks not being able to play due to weather conditions and at the time felt it would have been appropriate to book, more expensive indoor courts. As a team member this affected the teams performance but I am sure that social players have felt the same way. Managing the money and making sure that it goes to the right place and that no money is used inappropriately is one thing which I, as the treasurer would very much like to work on, to improve all of our tennis.
             Thank you very much and good luck with exams,


    Social Tennis
    1. Suhani Jahan
    I'd like to apply for the role of social tennis captain because I have really enjoyed my time at social tennis this year, it's been very welcoming and helpful to a beginner player like me. I started off with tennis4beginners which has been a really useful - i think it's a great idea that's encouraged many new players without previous experience to join kcl tennis. Through social tennis I have had the opportunity to practice and play in a relaxed and sociable environment against people of all different levels and meet new people at the same time. 

    I'd love to continue with social tennis next year and keep up the great work done by the previous captain. The internal and external competitions have been a great way of motivating social players to get more into a competitive spirit and the various socials throughout the year have been a great way to get to know people better. Next year I'd like to integrate these aspects and make it so we have socials after any competitive matches (maybe even with the other unis that take part) and encourage more people to get involved in tournaments. 

    As a relatively new player myself I think I would be good at encouraging people who may lack the confidence to come to social tennis to come and make the most of the welcoming atmosphere to beginners, while also keeping a competitive and exciting atmosphere for the more advanced players. And I'd also love to work with the social events officer to throw in a few great socials throughout the year!


    Suhani Jahan

    Women's Team Captain

    1. Charlotte Ames
    I have played for KCL Women's team for the past two years and have loved being part of the team. I feel as captain I could bring alot to the club by ensuring the team is well run, motivated, efficiently organised and of a high standard. I am enthusiastic, approachable, driven and really enjoy playing tennis which is key when leading a team to make sure it is fun and enjoyable for everyone. I have excellent communication, organisational and motivational skills but most importantly I would listen to the team and take on board their opinions. I have played to a high standard of tennis since I was 9 and I am still competing at a county and national level. Previously I was tennis captain at my 6th form college and helped run the team and organise events. I aim to build on the foundations made by Paige this year and to continue and further team members' committment and dedication to training and matches. I would like to have training on another day to ensure all team members come together and play at least once a week as well as matches on a Wednesday afternoon. I will ensure that all team members have regular opportunities to play in matches by rotating the players. I also strive to integrate team tennis with social tennis as I feel the club is currently separated by this division. I hope to achieve this by working closely with the Men's Captains, Social Captain and the Social Events Officer to ensure regular combined socials. I will encourage team members to help with the coaching for the Tennis4Beginners scheme as I feel this is currently working very well. Furthermore I aim to run weekly team socials so that we can develop a strong team bond. If I get this role within the club I ensure I carry through all of my aims as well as possible.

    Men's 1st Team Captain

    1. Stefan Kemp

    Social Events Officer

    1. Emily Nelson

    I am running for Social Sec because I think that there is so much potential for a lively social life within the Tennis Club, and I want to be the person that develops this. I am already dedicated to the tennis club as a member, and have spent the last year pushing for  more socials, and more people to come to the socials. After all of the pressure I have put on the previous Social Sec, I think it is only fair for me to put myself forward this year!

    The people in the Tennis Club are lovely and friendly and sociable, but there are a lot of us, and the temptation is always there to turn up, play, make some acquaintances and then go home. If we went out, and spent more time together outside of the courts I am sure that these acquaintances could become friends: you can already see this from looking at the other sports societies (such as Football, Rugby and Hockey). Also, Wednesday nights are a lot of fun!

    I already have some ideas about how to do this:

         - I realise that going out every week is not feasible, taking into account people's work load, so I propose a social every fortnight. I think that the majority of these should be Waterfront, or Guys bar (open to suggestions of course) and we could meet later to give people a chance to go home and get changed. This way, people will always know when there is a social happening, without having to check, and will spend less than if we went out for a meal.

         - I think we should organise a tennis meal, in the style of the lovely ones we have had this year, perhaps once or twice a term, and definitely have an end of term Tennis Dinner before Easter.


        - I really want to push for more contact between the teams and social tennis. I think it is a shame that we never come across each other, and hope that there is some way of remedying this!

         - Other than that, I will keep my eyes open for anything else that people might want to do - there is always so much happening around London. I hope that people feel that they can approach me with any suggestions or ideas!

    See you all at the AGM! (Vote for me...) :D

    Volunteering Officer

    1. Michael Hua
    Hello my name is Michael Hua and I would like to run for Volunteering Officer for next year's committee of the Tennis Club. As President of the Club this year, I feel I have the experience to build on the success of the Club this year. I have gotten to know many great people within the Club, and with the skills and expertise I believe members of the Club possesses, both on and off the court, I strongly believe there is a role for us in the greater community.
                   This year, already the Club has contributed in this way. In organising internal social tennis competitions, we fundraised for the Wish2Play volunteering group which sends a group of King's students to go to Romania to volunteer at a rehabilitating centre for the mentally handicapped. I would like to encourage more fundraising activites. However, I would also like to see the Club use tennis more directly to help people: organising workshops for people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to play tennis. Whilst it may sound strange for the Club to engage in such activities, our Student Union is encouraging sports clubs to take up a volunteering role, and other clubs have been successful in doing so, like Dance Soc.
                   I believe it would boost the integration of the Club too, an aim which has been difficult to achieve, although I believe we're getting there! It has been a pleasure to work with the committee this year, and I hope to continue to work on the committee next year too...

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Posted by Chuan-Zun Hua, Thursday, 5th April 2012 @ 11:52pm

AGM Details

Posted by Chuan-Zun Hua, Thursday, 5th April 2012 @ 1:28am

  • To apply e-mail kcltennisclub@gmail.com. Deadline is end of Thursday 12th April 2012. Include:

    • your name
    • the committee position you've applied for (up to 2)
    • a brief manifesto (<300 words).

    Role Descriptions


    The President is ultimately responsible for the running of the club and will be the primary point of contact for the Student Union in regards to all club issues.


    The treasurer is ultimately responsible for insuring that the finances of the club are organised and managed effectively through a specific club account.

    • to assess whether a certain activity or equipment is financially feasible
    • to be up to date with the status of the Club’s funds
    • to sign off payment request forms
    • Click Here

    Communications Officer

    The Communications Officer is responsible for the effective communication within the Club and promotion of activities.

    • to update the tennis club related webpages as appropriate
    • to create posters to promote club related events
    • to assist other club members when needed to communicate or promote something for the Club
    • to check the club email regularly to respond to or notify of any emails received

    Social Tennis Captain (x2)

    The Social Tennis Captain is responsible for the running of Social Tennis sessions.

    • to ensure the smooth running of Social Tennis sessions
    • to provide tennis balls and tennis rackets (supplied by the Club) for members
      • tennis balls should be changed fortnightly
    • to take a register of the membership status of attendees
    • to organise internal and external recreational competitions
    • to manage court bookings for Social Tennis, either booking extra courts or cancelling courts as appropriate
    • to collaborate with the team captains to appoint someone to take ‘tennis4beginners’ each week

    Team Captain (x3)

    The Team Captain is responsible for recruiting and managing the Team for which they have been appointed to.

    • To round up a team to play fixtures when required
      • If this is not possible, to notify President at earliest notice
    • To make sure court bookings are correct for both fixtures and practice
    • To attend all practices
      • If this is not possible, to notify the team reason for non-attendence
    • To make sure team members attend practice
    • To make sure tennis balls are brought to fixtures (Home) and practice
    • To make sure tennis balls are replaced with new ones when necessary
    • To input results of fixtures into the LTA league planner
    • To notify President and Chris Sawyer of results of fixtures
    • To collaborate with Social Tennis Captain to appoint at least 1 team member to assist the ‘Tennis4Beginners’ session weekly
    • To check membership status of all team members
    • To take orders and dispense kit for team members
    • To instill team spirit

    Social Events Officer

    The Social Events Officer is responsible for organising the Club’s social events for both Social and Team Tennis.

    • to organise social events outside tennis
    • to publicise social events on the relevant club webpages
    • to facilitate an integrated club between social and team tennis

    Volunteer Officer

    The Volunteering Officer is responsible for organising activities for the tennis club to participate in for the benefit of the wider community.

    • to create a wider role for the tennis club in the community involving the tennis club members

    In addition, you are expected to take on board any concerns or complaints or questions that come your way from students. You’ll be asked to help out with kit, whether taking orders or dispensing it to members.

    Some of this may appear quite hefty, and it’s true that becoming a committee requires some dedication, but effective teamwork between committee members will mean that you can easily achieve everything you need if you stick to your bit. It is a rewarding experience, and the responsibility you take on will definitely benefit you, whether it’s adding a bit of sprinkle to your CV or taking on bigger responsibilities later on in life! It’s also a great way of giving back to the Club. E-mail the Club (kcltennisclub@gmail.com) if you’ve got further questions!

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Membership for 2011/12: £ 33.

You can pay your membership fee at any KCL Student Union desk, on the Guy's, Waterloo or Strand campus, or online at http://www.fixtureslive.com/kcl/signup.aspx?clubID=3224.

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