Which are the Best Hairstyles for Boys in 2019?

Hairstyles are nothing but a way in which you can have the best makeover for yourself. With the alternating style trends, it is imperative to keep up with the new ideas so that you do not look out-dated. Now, when it comes to hairstyle for men, there is perpetually a bent of having shaved and faded look. This was a well-known look considering last year, but now with time, there are distinct variations. We have made sure to incorporate a number of styles for long, medium and short hair, so take a look at the hottest styles of this season.

Low Skin Fade with Brushed Up Fringe: This is a look which is the best for short hair. If you happen to have hair with high volume, then you can go for this hairstyle. Today majority of the people prefer to have an upper fringe to give the hair a much voluminous look.

High Fade Pompadour and Beard: Now hairstyles do not only restrict itself to the hair cut, but it also stretches down to the beard. Both the look has to match to give the man a complete look. This hairstyle is somewhat like the earlier faded version but does not have long fringes. A perfect beard is what highlights the hairstyle.

Mid-drop fade with quiff: The front of the hair is long, and a slightly faded version accompanies the long hair and gives it a volume at the top of the head. With a light back brush, the hairstyle is a perfect look at evening hangouts!

Undercut comb over pomp: This hairstyle is for people who love to have extremely short hair with over the long top hair. A complete faded look with combed hair above gives a light shade.

Mid fade with hard part and pompadour: This is a classic pompadour look with a tinge of fade above the neck and has a distinct hair parting. Try not to grow much beard if you want to give it a formal look. But for a casual look, a beard can accompany the style.

High bald fade with spike hair design: Earlier spike hair designs were common, and it continues to be a part of the majority of men's hairstyle. Team it up with light fade and give it a shape. Here you go, the party looks ready to dazzle!

High skin burst to fade with curly afro: For boys with curly hair, styling has always been awkward, but not anymore. With this look, you can style your curls with a faded look above the neck and keep some portion of your hair above and possibly color with some lovely brown shade. All you have to do it go to an excellent barber and ask for the look.

Short sides with long textured top: Long hair by men has never been out of fashion, but with the new styles and look pouring in, the long hairstyle has got a twist. This look sums up a long hairstyle along with a bit of fade. Fringes look good on men, and this look will surely keep the terms of long hair along with maintaining the on-going trends.


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