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Have you talked to your kids concerning the risks of the internet? No? Well, you’re not alone. Our recent study found that but 1/2 folks and guardians often seek advice from their youngsters concerning on-line safety. So for this work done FamiSafe is best app.

How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

But here’s the thing… Not talking concerning on-line risks won’t create the risks escape. Thus please seek advice from your child. Please. As a result of trust American state, there’s tons of unhealthy stuff out there, and your youngsters area unit planning to realize it — either accidentally or advisedly.

Here’s what else our kids do online
How area unit youngsters obtaining online? Pretty simply cell phone tracker will help you to make your life easier.
Our own survey reveals that we have a tendency to aren’t reproof our youngsters
Think your kid is being preyed upon? Report it

And additionally keep in mind this creepy little bit of advice: If you don’t seek advice from your youngsters, some other person can. (Cue the ice-cream van jingle.

Here’s what our youngsters do on-line
The Center for Cyber Safety and Education discharged a “Children’s net Usage Study” in 2016 that reported on the net behavior of 4th- to 8th-grade kids within the US. And its findings were surprising. FamiSafe is one of the best mobile location tracker available so you can track your kids online activates and they will keep safe.

It seems that either kids aren’t paying attention to our warnings concerning not reproof strangers, or United States of America folks aren’t accenting this risk to our youngsters; as a result of guess what? Our youngster’s area unit reproof strangers. There’s no statistically vital distinction between boys and women, either. Each does it. And in some cases, they’re even arrangement to fulfill up with these strangers within the planet.

Have a look at these numbers

  • 40% of youngsters admitted to chatting with stranger’s online Source:

Remember the nice old’ days once youngsters egged neighbors’ homes, or torched ants with magnifying glasses? Well, in line with the “Children’s net Usage Study,” fourth to eighth graders have graduated to doing all-new things United States of America folks wouldn’t approve of:

  • 29% area unit victimization the net in ways in which their folks won’t approve
  • 21% visit sites wherever they'll chat with strangers
  • 17% area unit visiting sites with sexual photos or adult videos
  • 11% area unit visiting sites with directions for cheating on assignment
  • 4% area unit visiting gambling sites (little Timmy will count cards??)

How area unit youngsters obtaining online? Pretty simply
According to the “Children’s net Usage Study” higher than, seventieth of youngsters in grades 4-8 have a cellular telephone, sixty fourth have a pill, and forty eighth have a laptop in their sleeping room. Thus our small humans have quite a few opportunities to travel on-line while not adult oversight. So FamiSafe will safe your kids from any illegal activities
A large majority of youngsters use smartphones to browse the online
Our own survey reveals that we have a tendency to aren’t reproof our youngsters
In AVG’s recent world survey of nine, 485 folks and guardians, we have a tendency to found that solely forty third of parents/guardians seek advice from their kids on a daily basis concerning their kids’ on-line behavior. So, despite the more and more digital way we’re living, it looks that net safety remains not a daily topic of speech communication for families. Shame on us!
About our study: we have a tendency to show our on-line survey within the last half of 2018. Respondents had a minimum of one kid beneath the age of eighteen living in their unit. I’ve rounded the figures below to the closest proportion to create life easier for you readers (and our graphic designer), thus a number of the results won’t total 100% specifically.
Here’s what we have a tendency to asked, and what folks answered:
Less than 1/2 folks have regular internet-safety talks with their youngsters
Here’s what Jas Dhaliwal, client Security professional at AVG, had to mention concerning this one:
 And do if a baby sees or becomes engaged with an activity that creates them uncomfortable. Having open and honest conversations area unit one among the most effective defenses against on-line predators, inappropriate content and cyber bullying. Till a kid reaches the age wherever each the fogeys and also the child feel they're mature enough to create choices relating on-line activities severally, such conversations area unit very important.”
In alternative words, skip the birds-and-bees convo and seek advice from your youngsters concerning a way to keep safe on-line.
Opinions dissent concerning once folks assume youngsters area unit digitally freelance
23% of fogeys believe their kids are digitally freelance at age eighteen
So FamiSafe will safe your kids online. Download the FamiSafe app from Google playstoreApp Store / Amazon. Or just


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