What you need to know about online exam proctoring

The morning alarm, you jump out of the bed and you are late! You travel to an exam center in rush and end up giving the exam as a bundle of nerves. Not your best side nor your best day. Fret no more, as these traditional test techniques are getting replaced fast with online test practices. Now, the next question is that there are many aspects of a test that need human interference or touch. The most challenging and the most exciting area of building an online test module is understanding the areas which, can get a lift up with online test procedure.

The inclusion of online proctored exam can take the entire segment of non-conventional testing methods to the next level. Online test gives the advantage of taking the test from the confines of home or any place with an active internet connection. The very concept of proctoring is intended to make verifications secure and the test process flawless. Students can give test with a reliable verification and security framework implemented online.

Now there are two types of online test proctoring; manual and automatic one. Both of them come with a certain set of pros and cons. Let’s have a quick view of both of them.

Manual Proctoring

Students fix an appointment with a trained examiner, once fixed, the students take the test at the stipulated time. The proctor, oversees the test procedure, verify identity, flag any suspected cheating attempts by students. They record the entire test for later evaluation.

One of the biggest pros is that you get the flexibility to select additional test resources. You can use log tables, calculators with ease as there is a person overseeing the procedure. Though automatic test procedure has come up with flexible options to add resources, but a human touch here makes things easier. In case of technical snags or issues, there is already a person to help you out. So, you never land in a soup and the test goes smoothly.
On the flip side, manual proctoring can be subject to personal biases. Students may land up with a proctor who is not that well equipped or trained. It lacks the flexibility in terms of test timings. You have to schedule a test as per the availability of a proctor.

Automated Proctoring

The second procedure is to go for automatic proctoring. It deploys automation for verification and examination process. There are exam proctoring services that create downloadable plugins. Once you download them, the next step is verification that includes id, face identity, biometric and even knuckle identification. Once in the test, the system monitors behavior and patterns. It flags off any attempt to cheat. The entire procedure is recorded and later on evaluated by the examiners for cheating and other integrity issues.

One of the major up sides of this process is its objectivity. Technology can never be biased, late or in a bad mood. The evaluation is fair and square across all students. You get enhanced flexibility of selecting a preferable exam time. The recording and scanning process is thorough and acts as a big deterrent against cheating.

The flip sides include a probable technical snag and the very question of whom to hold accountable in such cases.

Selecting the perfect proctoring service makes the process reliable, time-saving and error free. While going for online test proctoring it is important that you access which, parts can benefit from automation and which is better having a human supervision.


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