What are the Top 5 Watch brands in India? Have a look

Watches have an enriched history of evaluation. From pendulum to pocket watch to wristwatch, this appraisal has taken a lot of time. In 1812, the first-ever wristwatch was designed to be placed on the wrist of Queens of Naples. In those times, women used to wear wristwatches majorly. After that due course of time, with the evaluation of design, men also started wearing this stylish accessory.

A majority of individuals prefer to wear expensive watches from various luxury and designer brands. However, not too many of them insure their accessory with a watch insurance policy. This insurance protects the owner from financial losses due to any accidental damages to the watch.

Here are top 5 picks of wristwatches brands –

1. Rolex

In the watch manufacturing industry, Swiss technology is like a beacon that attracts everyone. Furthermore, when the brand name is Rolex, individuals can think about nothing but luxury and class.
From top businessman to celebrities, Rolex increases the worth of their wardrobe and watch collections. With 3 available lines – Cellini, Professional and Oyster Perpetual, Rolex ranges from modernity to vintage aura.

Crafted from premium quality stainless steel, Rolex watches are coated with golden electroplating and studded with diamonds. Being one of the most expensive brands, the price of a Rolex watch can go up to Rs.30 lakh. So, it is preferable to purchase a watch insurance policy that can assist the buyer in any unpredictable losses.

2. Tag Heuer

Founded in 1860, Tag Heuer has always served the elite classes. With the integration of Swiss technology, this brand represents class. With the history of exquisite engineering and unblemished statement, Tag Heuer has Monaco, Carrera, Formula One, Connected, Aquaracer, Heuer Heritage, etc. line ups. Starting from Rs.75,000, these watches can go up to Rs.5 lakh depending on the collection. And, a watch secure policy can protect the owner from any further unwanted expenses on the watches.

3. Citizen

Originating in Japan, Citizen watches are an impeccable combination of technology and artistry. This brand is popular to cater to the digital watch market majorly. Moreover, for their eco-friendly initiative, they have also launched sustainable designer watches. Integrating solar panel in wristwatches, they became the pathfinder of this technology.

Citizen also has various line ups ranging up to Rs.2 lakh. Thus, it is a wise decision to buy a watch insurance plan and financially cover such pieces of artistry from damages.

4. Fossil

Fossil is an American watch company, a trendsetter in this industry. Preferred by most watch lovers, this brand offers sturdy as well as sleek premium quality watches. They have launched multiple line ups to serve different style and potential customers. Grant, Dean, Retro, Machine, Decker, Jacqueline, Sport, Traveller, Beaker, Georgia, Cecile, etc. are some popular collection of this brand name. Premium watches from this brand can cost up to Rs.30 thousand.

5. Titan

Backed by Tata Group of Industries, Titan is one of the most trustworthy watch manufacturing companies in India. Titan introduced several watch collections under the same brand name such as Raga, Insignia, Edge, Diva, and Octane over time. Titan watches cost up to Rs.1.5 lakh with the latest technological updates and ultra-classy appearances.

Thus, individuals opting for these expensive watches can purchase a Watch Insurance policy from insurance aggregator Bajaj Finserv offered under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions to financially protect against losses and damages. This watch protection plan provides coverage up to Rs.40,000 along with complementary protection up to Rs.15,000.

Individuals can also consider purchasing other insurance plans to financially protect different expensive accessories, such as eyewear insurance plan. They can purchase it to use their pricy glasses without being worried about loss/theft or repair expenses if the spectacle is damaged.

Furthermore, individuals can purchase handbags assure insurance plan, which not only ensures the accessory against theft and loss but also provides 24x7 assistance in case of misplacing the contents inside it - for example, PAN, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

To conclude, expensive watches are delicate pieces of accessories, and also they come with substantial repairing charges in case of damage. Thus, a watch insurance plan should be on the list after purchasing such a luxury accessory.



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