UAE ends visa-free travel provided to minors

UAE has ended the provision by which it was providing visa-free travel to adults whose age was less than 18 to this country. This provision was in existence from the period between July 15th-July September for 3 months. This was done to promote tourism to this country. The basic requirement for this visa was that the child had to come to the UAE with his patent, even if one of them. So, children aged under 18 were allowed to travel with their parents to the UAE without any visa for 3 months, be it any visa on which the parents are traveling. 

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The removal of this waiver will require minors under 18 to get their visas. The UAE has two kinds of tourist visas that are applicable, one of them is the single entry visa to UAE for 30 days which is extensible twice by a duration of 30 days another is a 90 days visa, which is also extensible twice by 30 days.
The cost of a tourist visa to the UAE for a minor below 18 years of age is also low at 350 Dirham.

What is a UAE Visit Visa?
 A UAE visit visa is not the same thing as a tourist visa. You can get the visit visa changed to an employment visa. This conversion can happen when you are ready to pay a fee for it. You have to leave the country when an employment visa is getting processed. A medical examination is necessary before your visa is given to you. After the employment visa, you can easily apply for the Emirates ID. There is a payment of 1020 Dirham required for someone to apply for the employment visa. Once the employment visa has been issued to you, you need to shell out 540 AED for a status of change which happens before your visit visa has expired. In case, a change of status is after the expiry of your visit visa, pay 25 AED more for every day you overstay on the expired visit visa and your status change is getting processed.
This is how the visit visa system to UAE works. When you are on the visit visa, you can look for a job and then the employer can sponsor you for the employment visa.
Therein lays the difference between the visit visa and the tourist visa. In the case of the tourist visa, you will have to make an exit from the country when your visa’s stay period is over. You can come back to the UAE but on a new visa. You can’t convert this visa into an employment visa.
Why visit UAE?
UAE has a lot of tourist destinations that are famous throughout the world.
UAE has Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building across the globe. It is the elevator that takes you up easily and also has the observation deck situated at the maximum height in the world. 
Louvre in Abu Dhabi is also something that cant be given a miss because it contains artifacts about how the human race originated and the connections between various cultures. 


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