Top 10 Websites to Sell or Donate Your old Gadgets

There are quite a few websites that allow you to sell or donate your gadgets and electronics. If you are looking for a better price then you may as well research into all the items on this article to see which one is going to give you the best price. If you are looking to simply donate your gadgets then there are a few services on here for that too.

1. Best Buy Trade-In

The company Best Buy offers trade-ins of things such as mobile devices and video games. They even take things such as cameras and musical instruments. You get your money in gift vouchers for the Best Buy Company.

2.This is a non-profit organization that helps people reuse technology instead of it being broken apart for parts or recycled. They use donated equipment and give it to people who have certain disorders or who cannot afford the stuff themselves.

3. Phones 4 Charity

The title is rather on the nose for what the company does. They are a charity that collects up used cell phones and turns old phones into refurbished phones. They then send out the phones to low-income areas so that people who do not have a lot of money may have a phone–though nobody really mentions how they are going to pay for their phone bills when they get it.

4. Next Worth

This is a website that buys Apple products, mobile phones, computing equipment and video games. You can sell them your new or your used items. Part of the point is so that they can sell on your goods as they stand to other consumers as oppose to actually recycling the goods as some other websites do.

5. EcoATM

This is a drop of kiosk that is automated and takes most types of mobile device. If you are looking to recycle or donate your old electronics then this company may be right for you.


This is a website where you may sell your mobile phone or your Apple device for money. It will show you how much money your device will bring and they also pay for your device to be shipped.

7. Tech Twurl

This website allows you to sell a variety of devices. It does not really take in older technology such as old TVs and such, but it will accept mobile devices and more modern computing equipment. Find your device on the website and click it. You have to answer a few questions about its condition and it gives you an offer.

8. Computers with Causes

This is a charity organization that helps people in need with your computers that you donate. They help out people in education or in vocations with computers, and the benefit you get is that you get a tax benefit if you donate your computer(s).

9. Trade-In

This company buys your old CDs, DVDs, books, video games and electronics and offers you an Amazon gift voucher as payment.

10. e-Cycle

This is a website that will buy your tablet or your phone from you and give you money in return. They offer you money in return for your goods and the turnaround time may be a little quicker than with other websites of a similar nature.

Others you may consider

There are other recycling programs that are specific to certain brands, although you should note that even the branded recycling schemes will often take in electronics from other rival companies. On the other hand, you may like to take note that just because you have something from one of these companies it does not mean you are definitely going to be able to recycle the product. This is definitely true for certain types of ink cartridge and other such things.

Companies have been set up to recycle (such as those below) because many products may be refurbished and made to work again so that they will sell again. There is also the PR side of things in which it looks good if you have a recycling scheme. In addition, a lot of parts that are used in one version of a product may be used in another. There are plenty of spare parts that may be harvested either to fix older versions or to go into newer versions, which is why companies such as those below are happy to take in good for recycling.

Samsung Recycling Direct

Sony EcoTrade

Dell Mail-Back Recycling Program

LG Recycling Program

Nintendo Product Recycling

Apple Recycling Program

Canon Recycling Program


Lenovo Product Recycling Program

Best Buy Recycle

Motorola Recycling

HP Global Citizenship

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