Tips that should be followed in your next animated explainer video

An animated - drawn - explainer video is the easiest and most effective way to tell your target audience what your company does exactly and what your product or service can do for them. The purpose of such a video is mainly to attract attention, to tell a story, and to encourage potential customers to take a particular action as quickly as possible.

1.       List recognizable problems

Try to profile yourself as an expert when it comes to issues facing your audience. Talk about those difficulties and their impact on their personal or professional life. That recognisability is a perfect way to get their attention right away. For example, if someone talks about a situation that the viewer has experienced, it immediately sounds interesting and he or she is inclined to keep watching your video until the end.

2.       Hire a professional for the voice over

Never underestimate the importance of the voice over - the voice you hear during the animation video. The voice-over can make or break your explainer video. Therefore hire a professional. They not only have a good voice and pronunciation but also know how to convey a message with the right intonation and how to come across more convincingly.

3.  Write the script yourself

You can choose to have your animation video made by an external company or you may create the one by yourself with any of the best software in the market today such as Mango Animation Maker, where you can use various templates, add characters, styles as per your requirement to create a best animated explainer video. But remain closely involved in writing the script. Nobody knows your company and your activities better than you do. Of course, you can always ask your video partner for help or do it together. ”
The structure below can form the basis for a script of medium duration:

·         Start with the attention to your audience draw, for example by tightening a familiar situation

·         Name their problem, frustration, or obstacles

·         Introduce your company as the provider of the easiest solution

·         Then prove the simplicity of your solution with a three-step explanation

·         Then call the benefits v ear customers as they do business with you, not the product's functionality

·         Emphasize your credibility, for example with customer references or statistics

·         Finally, call for action, such as getting in touch or reading more. Don't make this too difficult and stick to one 'call-to-action.

4.       The animation must support the script

The script is the most important part of your explainer video. The visual - i.e. the animation itself - comes second, but of course, also plays an important role. The power of an explainer video is in the combination of the audio with the visual information. If the two support each other, the viewer will remember your message better. That is why it is important that the animation conveys the same information as what the voice-over tells at the same time. ”

5.       Get started yourself or outsource the animation

The visual should not distract the viewer from your message. Consider which images appeal to your audience the most. If that is possible in your industry, you can use humor to attract attention. Ask yourself how you can illustrate your customers' problems and how you convey your own credibility. For this, you can possibly work with logos of customers.
You can certainly get started yourself and create an animation with online tools. Royalty-free music can also be found online. It takes a lot of time to make a good explainer video. That is why it is often more interesting to engage with great software from professional animation companies. 


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