The shortest guide to launch your AI career today

According to Gartner, AI is predicted to create 2.4 million jobs by the year 2020. AI is an acronym you might have frequently heard already, it is likely because within the next decade more than 80% of the jobs will be hugely affected by AI. In the future, you may be on the lookout for newer job roles as AI is slowly intruding the industries today.

40% of the organizations have added jobs resulting in deployment of the AI business. And why not, as much as AI will eliminate jobs it is said that AI will create more jobs than it will destroy. In recent years, artificial intelligence advancement has widened to an extent that it seems hard to go unnoticed without hearing about AI. Most people have the fear of losing jobs, especially the low skilled workers. As a proven fact, even though the concern is understandable, thinking about it is baseless. However, AI will remain to be the greatest job engine the world will ever see. Radical changes are not a new phenomenon and one should be prepared for such interventions and changes, especially in the technology domain.

For the past 250 years, we have seen a constant transformation in the technology sector and the unemployment sector remain persistent between 5-10%. Obvious changes do occur and unexpected changes will be expected from the industry. The advent of AI is already seen impacting occupations like the accountant, dietitians, financial specialists, web developers, customer service representatives, MRI operators, loan officers, and medical secretaries, etc. The emergence of artificial intelligence will better our lives and we will never run out of jobs because no one can reasonably claim that we could be better off without these technologies.

The expansion of AI is already paving way for individuals to learn AI skills. Let us discuss the points on why one should take up an AI certification/AI engineer certification today.

Why should one take up an AI certification?

AI is one of the hottest buzzes in the IT market today. And it is high time that one comes up with a realization of grasping the skills in artificial intelligence. It is predicted that AI is going to increase economic growth by approximately 1.7% globally in 2035.

Here’s a list of top reasons why professionals are taking up AI certification and AI engineer certification:

● Great job prospect
● The demand for AI professionals will keep increasing
● Getting skilled in AI paves the way to new career paths like the principal scientist, machine learning engineer, computer vision engineer, data scientist, AI engineer, algorithm engineer, and computer scientist, etc.
● Lucrative salary

How to become an AI professional?

A conventional guide that will ease your way on becoming an AI professional.

1. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and gain extensive knowledge in mathematics, statistics, applied physics, engineering, and robotics.
2. Enroll for AI certification and become a certified AI professional.
3. Acquiring the in-demand skills and technologies:
a. Programming skills
b. Mathematics and Statistics
c. Machine Learning
d. Data Science
e. Deep Learning
f. Reinforcement learning

Based on your competency and knowledge, you can always make that choice of choosing the path that best fits your learning skills.

Get skilled, get certified and stay relevant today!


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