Marketing Campaigns: Email Blasts Vs Email Campaigns

Promoting your product is a necessity in the modern world. It is the only way to let customers know about the product and to increase sales. Today, there are many marketing strategies that companies can take advantage of. Some strategies are slowly going in history and are replaced by new and modern technologies that are making the world go forward. Not every marketing strategy works for everything, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your campaign the most.
Email Marketing in General
Today communicationshave changed a lot and people are using various means of communication. Social media platforms and emails are at the forefront of today’s information exchange. Email remains one of the most preferred tools for official communication and professional use.It’s expected that more than 4.2 billion users will be using email communication by the end of 2020. As expected, email marketing is still an effective promotional tool. Promoting your product by email is part of the marketing campaign for every company. When done right, the results are visible.
Most Common Strategies
The two most commonly used strategies in email marketing are the blasts and the campaigns. Both of them have their certain pros and cons and we are going to dive into some of them and try to explain which one is better. Since we are limited, we’ll stick to the basics, but if you like to read a detailed comparison between the two, you can visit this page and get a better idea. After all, it is extremely important to know every detail since it can be a contributor in asuccessful marketing campaign.
Email Blasts
The process of sending an email to a large group of people simultaneously is called email blasts, or broadcasting. It’s an opportunity to address a wider audience at the same time. The wider reach of email blasts is thanks to the email lists that you can constantly upgrade with new contacts. Email blasts are good for the following reasons:

·         Perfect method to inform your customers on any topic

·         Time-saving since it groups people into one email

·         Good brand recognition

·         The more people see them, the more are likely to engage

However, many believe that email blasts are traditional and old-fashioned marketing tools nowadays. Email blasts don't consider the customer’s needs and thus are ineffective when it comes to targeting your audience.
Can Email Blasts be Effective?
Email blasts are still effective when done right. Big companies know how to use them the right way and the results are visible. It’s important to learn how to use the right email blast service. Creating the email list is also very important and to upgrade it with new contact as time goes by. Segmentation, or dividing your contact list into smaller groups, is a smart idea to send highly targeted emails.
On the flip side, if you want to get more personal with your customers and make them feel unique and privileged, then a campaign is the right advertising solution.
Email Campaigns
When it comes to being more effective and provoking an emotion which will motivate the potential customers to engage with you, then the campaigns are the way to do it. Each customer is treated to his or her individual needs and that makes them feel special, hence the effectiveness of email campaigns.
Each of the emails that you send has a specific purpose and an important place in your marketing campaign. However, one common goal is to make your products more visible on the marketplace and to attract new customers and engage your loyal customers as well.
How to Be More Effective With Email Campaigns?
First of all, you need to make sure that the written content is valuable, readable, informative, and eye-catching to the customer. Filter content is something that you should not use. Make the emails as personal as possible. Some other tips include:

·         Impactful preview

·         Avoid ‘shouting’ at the customers

·         Choose the right words by using analogies

·         Let readers get to know you

·         Reward them once they open the email, etc.

The more personal you get with your customer, the higher the chances of him becoming loyal will be. The goal is not just to attract new customers, but to also create a loyal base.
Bottom Line
Both email blasts and email marketing can be effective when done right. Different occasions may require different tactics which is why it’s important to evaluate the marketing strategy and make it work. The point is- you need to have a plan of action. A plan will increase your chances of success.


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