Student exchange program introduced at the school level gives students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and learn in an entirely new cultural environment.

These programs provide students a rewarding but challenging experience. The benefits of the experience gained however, outweighs the risks.

Today, the Schools in Noida have realized the importance of international and inter cultural exposure that will enable the students to cultivate a global mindset.

Kids get an opportunity to enrich their own perspectives as they learn from people who have different points of view and ways of thinking. When children go abroad, they become more independent.

Some of the benefits of School Exchange Program are:

Educational Benefits:

• The students will  be exposed to an experience of learning about a different education system, perhaps a different assessment style

• It will  help gain a rich understanding about another culture

• An opportunity to learn a new language, and to improve current communication skills

• Better understanding of global issues

• A new and different approach to learning

Personal Benefits:

The students are able to:

• Look at the world with new eyes and make new friends some of them are even lifelong

• Increased self- confidence and self- reliance leading them to improve their habit of doing things themselves

• To move out of their comfort zones and be ready to face the challenges

• To discover new interests and talents

• To feel tremendous sense of accomplishment

Long Term Benefits:

• It helps measure one’s personal flexibility, an excellent opportunity to focus and succeed through challenging times

• Students are able to develop an awareness about group dynamics and become sensitive to need of others

• They adjust well and feel more comfortable in the new environment

These benefits are enough to explain the importance of introducing exchange program to students at CBSE Schools in Noida. These will surely contribute in broadening up their minds so that they think high and achieve better.


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