How to Unlock iPhone 6s

As a new owner of iPhone 6s, one must be gloating. It is as beautiful as a dream. But what is the point if it is locked. It is nothing but a piece of metal. How to unlock iPhone 6s is a big question for people who are not so tech-savvy. A locked iPhone is a phone which bought without a service contract.

Though it is lower in price, but a locked phone has a many limitations, such as:

1) A locked iPhone will work only in the service provider’s area. Once you leave the coverage area, there is no network. For example, an iPhone with service provider Airtel will only work when it is in the coverage area of Airtel. If you take it overseas, where the service provider is different, the phone will not work only. You can easily get trapped in a lower value deal offered by a major service provider. They will sell iPhone at a lower price at the expense of a contract for using their services for two years. However, the phone sold will be locked and will not function outside coverage area of that particular service provider.

2) An unlocked iPhone can access all the applications available on the Apple store. You can do all the fun things and explore the world of exciting applications. But a locked iPhone has restricted access. Can you imagine using an iPhone without Whatsapp? Won’t it be sad?

Figuring how to unlock your iPhone 6s? Here’s how:

Factory Unlocked

A factory unlocked iPhone 6s is a phone sold by Apple without any lock. It only needs an SIMcard, and it is ready to be used. All the features are accessible to the user. You can choose any service provider for this type of a device. That's preferable if the user travels a lot. A new SIM can buy whenever a different country visited. It not only saves roaming charges but also ensures network availability.

Software Unlocked

Unlocking or jailbreaking an iPhone 6s is the domain of hackers. They use nasty software to unlock your iPhone. It not only voids Apple warranty but also creates a major risk of irreplaceable damage to the phone. There are various websites available on the internet to unlock iPhone 6s, such as These websites will unlock the phone in a few simple steps, but this is absolutely against the terms of services from Apple.

It is really important for iPhone lovers to understand that there is a major difference between a factory unlocked, and software unlocked iPhone. The former is safe and does not void any warranty or terms of service. And the latter can cause permanent damage to the phone. Although pricey, an unlocked iPhone is a way to go.However if you still want to save some money and buy an unlocked iPhone, try research well before resorting to software for unlocking it.


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