How to Select the Right People and Promote Merit?

A right team can be formed only by the right people. While recruiting new people, you must ensure that you select the people with the right credentials and attitude to get entry into your team. Choose only those people who can align with your mission, values and vision. Also, institute a very transparent and objective performance management system in your company such that only meritorious employees get promoted. Don't allow any partiality in employee selection or promotion process. It will discourage your other affected employees profoundly.

Going Beyond "I"

Even though, it may be our own company, we must not bring our ego to our business. If we do, we may not be able to work with many people. Everybody needs recognition, appreciation and encouragement for their contribution into anything. If we are self-absorbed, we may not realize or recognize the significance of others. Every small employee in our business can help it grow. As a leader, we must appreciate every good work done by any employee. When the business achieves something, we must give its credit to everybody in the business for that achievement. Our business succeeds or fails because of our team. Remember, we are also a part of our business team and there is no 'I' in a TEAM...!

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are common wherever human beings interact. Organizations also face problems of conflicts among employees, teams, customers, channel partners, vendors etc. Conflicts are speed breakers that slow down the organization's pace. The possible reasons for the conflicts in our teams may be conflicting interests, motives, priorities, cultures, natures, values etc. of the persons involved. Other reasons could be misunderstandings, communication errors, personal egos etc. Whatever the reason, the leader has to ensure that the conflicts in his organization are resolved at the earliest to continue the company's growth journey uninterrupted.

Guidelines for Conflict Resolution

  1. Give a priority to the good relationships among team members. Encourage all team members to build mutual respect and be courteous to each other. Also, try to build a culture of continuous positive communication among team members.

  2. Keep people and problems separate. We should be impartial while resolving conflicts. We should pay attention to the interests that are being presented from both the sides and try to find the real and valid differences behind the conflicting positions.

  3. Listen first, talk second. Listen actively. We must focus on what is being said and should not be in a hurry to conclude or give a judgment.

  4. Listen to both the sides before concluding anything. Always consider both the sides of a story, to get the complete perspective.

  5. Set out the "Facts". Take decision based on factual data and not on opinions, past experiences or prejudices. Take a joint decision. Involve all the participants while taking any decision regarding the resolution.

Empowerment, Helping People Grow

The team as a group and the employees as individuals must be empowered to take necessary decisions independently in order to function efficiently and promptly. If we give responsibilities to people but do not give them authority or power necessary to fulfill those responsibilities, they may not be able to produce results as effectively and promptly as we may expect. Also, fulfilling responsibilities by making judicious use of power helps people grow. We must give opportunities to our people to show their abilities, to grow. Wise use of power is one good indicator of personal ability. So, empowerment also helps us identify the right talent within our team who can be developed further.

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