How to keep up with your favourite shows while traveling

Travelling became most common for many people these days, the purpose may be anything. It can be either due to office work or personal work or business related meetings or on vacation, but are you not missing your favourite TV shows on these days. Yes, definitely you are missing them, but don’t worry anymore about it, because we came here to solve the issue. Though, your DVR will be recording the TV shows, but there are also other ways to watch them on your mobile in your journey only. So, why waiting let us about it in detail.

Ways to watch TV while travelling

The popular ways that are simple to use and watch all your favourite TV shows by holding mobile in your palm are here.

1. Streaming service offered by cable company

One of the popular and the best way employed by most of the people is streaming the favourite TV shows.Yes, every popular cable operator is providing the streaming service where the TV shows can be streamed on either mobile or computer. This streaming service is also often named as TV Everywhere. So, if you are a frequent traveller then subscribe the TV Everywhere service, because it offers most of the popular cable channels. Even some of the popular cable operators are also providing with their own streaming applications, where customers can make use of it in their journey. The other advantage of these services is that they mostly comes without paying any additional charges for using the apps. Hence, user will be able to enjoy uninterrupted services. You can also try Amazon Prime subscriptions available with Amazon Coupons at very attractive rates.

2. Slingbox

Slingbox is another best option to watch the TV shows even when you are away from home and is the convenient way. It is essential that slingbox needs internet connection and connecting it is quite simple and easier process. It is not necessary that slingbox should only be connected to the cable, but even to the satellite if provided DVR is present with the internet connection.Once the setup is done correctly and completely, then users will be having full access to control the slingbox from anyplace in the world. It is possible to control only if they have internet connection.

Slingbox is a wonderful way to watch any TV shows when travelling outside, but the disadvantage it has got is that even the family members in the home need to watch the same TV show and will not be able to change it. Apart from that slingbox is also advantageous for the travellers as they have full access to control the DVR from anywhere. Travellers will be able to do actions such as deleting the recordings or schedule the recordings or even control the menu settings from the place they are quite easily. So, check out for this option if you are a frequent traveller.

3. Windows Media Player also works well

Windows Media Player is another wonderful way to watch the TV shows when you are travelling. Windows Media Player allows you to stream the TV shows, but it needs an updated version of application on the PC. It is quite easier process, where the user need to do 8set the options which are similar to that of streaming. Streaming using windows Media Player is different from that of slingbox, because here the user will just be able to get the access of viewing files in the library. Apart from the recorded TV user will also be able to view other media such asmusic, videos, pictures and other content present in library. The disadvantage wit windows media player is that users will not be able to view live TV also even can not stream the copyrighted content.

4. Watch with the help of streaming stick

Streaming stick is yet another best way employed to watch TV shows when ever you are travelling outside.In order to use this facility one need to cut a cord from the cable and at the same time even use the services such as Roku or Amazon fire. The best features of Roku stick as well as Amazon Fire stick is that they are affordable and also portable. So, that they can be carried along with you anywhere, while you are away from home. Even though if it is unplugged from the TV still users will not lose any of the viewing preferences and enjoy them uninterrupted from the place they are present. The HDMI port available on this devices will be used to connect them to the TV and watch the shows. One of the best features of Roku stick or Amazon fire stick is that they allow the user to use mobile as a remote control, so there is no need to carry remote all the time with you. These devices can be connected even over the WiFi network.

The above mentioned are the few wonderful ways that allows, the travellers to watch their favourite TV shows even without missing the single episode of it. So, next time when you are travelling make use of one way to watch your favourite TV shows without missing. You can also explore some of latest Theatre Jobs available with us which is getting updated regularly.


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