How HR Software In India Achieved Huge Success?

There were days when HR professionals used to manage all their tasks manually. All the paperwork and other helter-skelter was managed by the workforce with no automation. Eventually, as demand rose, it took a toll on the business numbers and revenue generation accounting to the lack of time management and inefficient performance. And then, with the advent of technology and the exponential boom in the HR sector, companies switched to top-notch HRMS software to bring advancement to their organizational workflow. It not only resolved the overstaffing issue but also enhanced productivity and performance by double. Specifically talking about the national market, HR software in India attained huge success in a little amount of time because of covering all-inclusive HR operations and bringing new features to the table as follows:

HR Operations That Are Covered:

● Payroll Processing

The option to automate functions such as Record & Payslip Management, Time & Attendance Synchronization, Tax Management, Accounting, Deductions and Reimbursements, Money Deposits, Salary Calculations and others streamline the Payroll Processing & Management and make it simpler.

● Time & Attendance Management

Interlinking of the T & AM system with an HRMS is a must to track live recording in the Biometric Systems so that there is no discrepancy in the time and days of employee presence. Moreover, holidays and leaves are automatically administered. Thus, it allows the release of a fair and timely salary.

● Performance Evaluation

With the integration of performance management modules in the HRMS software, it gets easier for managers and senior professionals to track and evaluate the performance of their team members. The process of designing and assigning KPIs and KRAs becomes hassle-free. As a result, the performance review process and R&R becomes a cakewalk.

● Employee Engagement

There are many tasks apart from the regular employee responsibilities that are executed in an organization. From making meeting arrangements and organizing recreational activities to notifying about admin facilities, an HRM solution can perform every function that the company establishes for improving employee engagement.

● Workforce Management

Managing the entire workforce of an organization is one hectic task. Since human resources are the most significant and valuable assets of a company, its well-being and proper functioning cannot be compromised. From onboarding formalities, training and development to appraisals and grievance management, the automation of these HR processes through software makes the life of an HR ten times better.

Features That Make A Difference:

● User Friendliness/ Accessibility

The HR software in India is designed in such a way that the options to customize and personalize every feature enhances the accessibility and makes it user friendly. Thus, it requires minimal training and the need to educate the employees of its operationality reduces.

● Cloud-based Software

Data is always a concern when you want to perform a lot of functions using a single interface. For this purpose, HR software today comes with cloud-enabled storage so that there is no limit and difficulty to manage and maintain a centralized database.

● Dynamic Reporting

Reporting and analytics is again an integral part of the HR manoeuvre. The CXOs use it to do data analysis and forecasting, the managers and supervisors use it to review and to rate performances and the workforce utilizes reporting tools to update work status and present the target numbers achieved. So, mechanizing the entire reporting process using an HR software can resolve a number of issues.

● Seamless Integration

The interconnection and synchronization of almost all the HR processes is a must. So, most of the HRMS software comes with a seamless integration of all the HR functions at a single, unified platform. For instance, HROne is one of the leading HCM suites in the country that provides a one-stop solution for all the HR-related problems and concerns.

● Cost-effectiveness

The last parameter that HRM solutions nowadays showcase is low on the budget feature. You can automate a large number of HR operations at one place using a decent HR software. Therefore, if you still haven’t invested in one, don’t worry because it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket anymore!


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