How can you guard your eyes from computer screen?

How to Protect Eyes from Mobile and Computer Screens | Kraff Eye Institute

These days you can find so many people seeing the screens all the time. Whether you talk about long work hours, extensive school assignments, college projects, movies, entertainment, or anything else you can easily find everyone into their screens. Sometimes, it gets impossible to avoid your computer screen. You require to sit in front of it for hours and sometimes even the nights. Of course, many of you may be burning the midnight oil too.

Well, there are plentiful things that you can do to ensure that your eyes are guarded and effective. You can ensure that the damage from the screen rays is smallest to your eyes. Come on, everyone has a different way of using a computer and that is the fact. But luckily, there are ways that you can ensure that your computer screen is not an enemy for your is a post that will tell you about how you can keep your eyes guarded from computer screen.

You can darken your computer screen background

It is not always possible but at times, you can do this. There are many applications and software that permit you to choose the dark mode. You can ensure that you have dark background or graycolour of the laptop screen. In this manner, you can ensure that the rays coming from your laptop or computer screen is not too sharp or piercing. Certainly, you can even set a dark and smooth wallpaper as your desktop screen. In this way, you can be certain that your screen is not a trouble for you.

The point is you are going to experience a great difference between your past interaction with your computer screen and the aftermath of doing this dark and gray thing. After all, the white backgrounds of the screen do hit your eye hard. They are a lot brighter and glowing than the darker and grey shades. You must do this thing if you have not tried it yet.

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You must not skip blinking your eyes

It has been experienced that many people keep on watching or seeing at the screen continuously for minutes and without even blinking their eyes. Such a thing is dangerous and injurious to eyes. Sometimes, your screens keep you so much engaged in the tasks you are doing, you forget to blink your eyes. You know what, when you do not blink your eyes for long, you just make your eyes to dry. Such a thing harms your eyes extensively. The rays of the screen already make your eyes dry and the additional thing is of absence of blinks for long periods. Hence, you must make it a point to blink your eyes every five to ten seconds. If there are less blinks, your eyes are going to get dry and hence, pain and problems.


To sum up, since you know about all these things now, make sure that you keep your eyes protected and safe. You cannot avoid using a laptop or computer screen because you need to do projects and work right? but you can always take precautions to ensure that your eyes are guarded.


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