Embracing the Power of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Build the Future

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the trends that have created a buzz in technology. They are the talk of the town and has attracted the market globally. There have been major technological changes with these two advancements.

What is blockchain and AI?

A blockchain technology holds the power to store all the data securely and maintains a database that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. The database isn’t owned by banks, firms, and governments. The chances of faking documents, transactions and tampering with data become impossible with blockchain technology. It leads to blockchain business opportunities giving way to Blockchain Education and Blockchain Certifications.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence has replaced humans as it advances in computer vision, language processing, machine translation, and data analyzing. A computer is trained to think and made to perform complex tasks, much better than human experts. Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, etc. are using AI to increase efficiency, improve productivity and earn profits.

Sectors using Blockchain Technology


With the increase in the number of patients, it has become a necessity to adapt to the new technology of Blockchain. Blockchain technology helps healthcare providers to manage data seamlessly. With the increase in health records, storage of data has created trouble in the healthcare sector. The information includes- Medical insurance claims, Patient health examinations, Electronic health records, etc. Therefore, it becomes vital to secure data using Blockchain technology. Blockchain will encrypt the data so that it is not altered by anyone. Professionals with Blockchain Certifications are hired in order to reduce ambiguity.

Blood diamonds are a serious issue in the diamond sector that is to be governed. These diamonds are illegally mined in third world countries and then sold on the black market. As a result, Blockchain technology is employed to track the authenticity and transportation of diamonds from miners to the customers. This rids the system of corruption and smuggling.


Blockchain technology helps to make bank-to-make and international transactions safe and swift. With the help of distributed ledger, the information is stored securely and the access is granted to other banks in the system. The system is decentralized and can never go bankrupt. Smart contracts can be used to eliminate intermediaries to help people receive payments immediately.

Sectors using Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has created a wave in the healthcare sector. Robots are trained to perform complicated tasks such as collecting, storing re-formatting, and tracing data to provide agile and consistent access. Cardiologists and radiologists can take a back seat as robots can even analyze tests, X-Rays, CT scans, and data entry. The technology can scan existing medicines that could be redesigned to combat a particular disease.

Artificial Intelligence has helped reduce the burden through Bots. Bots can help answer the heaps of cases, applications, requests, etc. It can ensure the safety of the people by predicting natural disasters and warning us of the threats. AI can make services swift by eliminating money laundering and fraud.


Artificial Intelligence can make hiring automated. AI has the power to send bulk emails, schedule interviews, share feedback, create a pool of employees, plan a call, etc. to make hiring easy and rid the HR of the employment fear.

Blockchain and AI has increased the Job opportunities

With the incorporation of Blockchain technology, the need for Blockchain education and Blockchain Certifications has increased tremendously. Professionals need credibility and respect in order to get hired. With the top institutes like Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), one can get certified and get high-paid jobs. Business Blockchain Professional, Certified Blockchain Engineer, and Global Blockchain Leader are the certifications that CBCA offers.

AI is often considered to be the job destroyer. But, for the need of advanced level automation, AI is creating the need for humans and experts.

Both Blockchain Technology and Artificial Technology are the future as they provide immense benefits in various sectors, creates jobs opportunities and reduce the burden on humans. The aim of both is to the revolutionize the way technology works. Long way to go!


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