Digital Badges – Credentials for the Young Generation

Generation Z will soon be a part of the corporate zone and its high time that the hiring managers pull up their socks to make the expected changes.

I mean if you think practically, this generation was born into a world that was digitally well-endowed.  Lot of them already had a grip over programming in high school itself. In short, they have spent their whole lives in the presence of super awesome technology and literally cannot imagine it with the internet. For these people, earning digital badge credentials is a basic mode of acquiring a qualification that can go on to attach layers of benefits to their career.

With technology becoming an inevitable element of people, especially the millennials and generation which form the majority of today’s workforce, the HR leaders will have to cope with this altering employment scenery. To tell the truth, for organizations to attract and retain a modern, dynamic workforce, they don’t have an option but to acquire state-of-the-art technology in order to maintain a pool of talented workers.

What Is Digital Badge? & Why Is It Crucial?

Securing digital credentials has become mainstream for the young professionals who attained an education through a bunch of exquisite digital platforms which constantly keep the learners motivated by granting a badge for every level of achievement.

The industry of certifications is evolving by embracing IT. The tech experts are making a profound effort to eliminate paper certificates that were easy to lose during shipping, copied, forged and had to be verified every time got a new job or accepted a project. As luck would have it, figureheads of this industry have taken a forward approach to the system of credentialing by digitizing it. So finally, there is a brand new, super quick way to get your skills verified, share them through digital credentials and display them conveniently.

For those who do not know, digital badges are electronic files that are easily shareable, hence, they remove a requirement for paper certificates. Digital badges can be seen as reliable credentialed backed by the web. They act as robust tools for confirming a wide range of skills, accomplishments, competencies acquired by people.

Their unique selling point is that learners have the freedom to acquire knowledge and prove their prowess in different learning environments. Therefore, digital badge credentials open new avenues to obtaining skills by connecting learners to resources and opportunities.

These digital credentials provide a chance for people to comfortably exhibit their certificates across various social media platforms. They also make it convenient for recruiters to evaluate the potential of candidates by attaining a deep idea of how the certification was earned and what exactly can be expected out of the badge holder.

So, you think you are all geared up to this new-age certification? If yes, go ahead and search for digital badges that suit your needs and will give you the benefits that will help your career reach new heights.


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