Coping with Complex Storage Challenges with Advanced AI and DL

The data storage industry is a multi-billion dollar economy and the new age remote workplace demands have only further amplified its true value in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Pegged at a staggering 66 Billion USD in revenue for 2020, the data storage market’s future is heavily dependent on how fast the developers and vendors acquire and adapt to new definitions of Applied AI and Deep Learning techniques.

In this article, we would explore certified data storage professionals who are leveraging the Applied AI Course in 2020 to solve complex market-centric challenges.

Coming face to face with Object Storage Trends

You can’t deny the power object storage techniques bring to the industry. A majority of AI and ML work analytics teams rely on a fairly new capability to scale the effectiveness of their data science projects. It’s called “OBJECT STORAGE”.

Since AI and DL projects require a massive volume of information to reach their initial operational values, leaders recommend leveraging Object Storage as a means to scale storage architecture, enabling the AI ML teams to increase workloads and deployments by adding Nodes limitlessly from anywhere, any time.

Object Storage trends are built entirely on the premise of human-written algorithms capable of augmenting the intelligence and performance of the currently known data storage tool kits.

Making Room for Automation

Data Center automation and end-device automation are two hot trends in the data storage market. Both are heavily dependent on AI, RPA, and DL techniques.

Just when the IT leaders were experiencing a black box situation in their innovation and development cycles, Automation made its headway into the dynamic workforces and architecture. Automation, mostly driving on Robotic Process and Machine-level supervision techniques, solve the age-old issues associated with human errors and system fatigue.

Experience Management Analytics

Applied AI solutions in data storage can save up to 70% of the overall enterprise disk and data storage.

The biggest challenge in any industry is cost optimization. Cost optimization is futile if benchmarks in product and user experience are missed. Applied AI and deep learning techniques are helping data storage companies build user ready infrastructure with the best experiences.

Historically, scalable Data Storage solutions would be very costly, riddled with limited options to customize pricing and features. Cloud and IT teams have understood the need to mix and match features with cost efficacies as the final objective synced with customer experience management.

While there are many other concepts and technologies that you should be familiar with while completing your Applied AI Course, we found the above-mentioned areas as the most dominating ones in the job market. Their horizon will most likely increase in the coming months.


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