Car tyre replacement: 5 things NOT TO do!

By: Hassaan Javaid

Car tyre replacement is important if one needs to drive peacefully and safely on the road especially if they’re worn or affecting your ability to drive. Even if you haven’t done this before, no need to fret as changing a car’s tyre isn’t the end of the world and you might just do it perfectly following the steps given below. The details also focus on certain mistakes made by new drivers during the process and why it’s important to avoid them.

1.Never change a tyre at road side

Areas or particular paths at a certain distance from the main roads are best places to change a tyre or fix a blowout. If for instance you’re caught in a situation that requires imminent replacement while driving and there isn’t any place to halt the vehicle safely, better call a breakdown service and let them haul the car!

For car tyre replacement, you need fair amount of space to do it right and safe! Besides, carrying the process on the road raises the risk of accident. You’re simply putting yourself and other drivers in peril. Likewise, changing the tyres on motorway is a big no-no!

2.Avoid tyre change on uneven or lose ground

Just as performing the procedure far away from the primary road, experts also recommend changing the vehicle’s tyre on a ground that’s smooth and flat. Making an attempt on a ground that’s either gravelly, grassy or anything uncomfortable raises certain risks such as jack could slip while in use causing serious injury to you and damage the vehicle as well.

3.No passengers in the car

When replacing the tyre on short notice for certain reasons and you actually managed finding the right spot, be sure there aren’t any passengers or pets in the car when carrying out the changing procedure. If someone’s in the car while you do the tyre replacement and worse, shuffling and jumping inside such as children or perhaps a pet dog, they’ll only make the job harder to perform; not to mention additional weight!

4.Don’t work under the vehicle when it’s jacked

For car tyre replacement, it’s obvious you need raising the vehicle on the jack to carry out the process however; the tool isn’t reliable enough for you to work under the car. As we speak, even avoid the temptation to look under when it’s jacked or any minor glitch in the jack and you may suffer a fatal blow/injury! Any particular work to be performed under the car requires appropriate tools and hydraulics so don’t even try showing off here.

5.Don’t just jack anywhere

A car jack is to be use only on particular areas of a vehicle or else it won’t be able to serve its purpose to the fullest. During car tyre replacement, place it only under the recommended lifting points that are close to the wheel being treated. Not doing so may damage the underneath of your car or worse, jack may break causing accident. Consult owner’s guide to know about the lifting points that differ from a vehicle to another.


In conclusion to all that’s being discussed above, keep the car’s setting in “Parking (P)”.


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