Blockchain Certifications Over Degrees: Is this Logical?

Blockchain certifications have grown big off late, both in terms of popularity and value. But there are blockchain-specific degree courses too that are available now in colleges/universities. We will be discussing in this article the worthiness of certifications over degree courses, and how they can help you bag the coveted job roles in the booming blockchain industry.

Global blockchain market value share in 2020 (by sector)

Source: Statista

As per a Globenewswire research, this year, because of the spread of coronavirus, the worldwide market for blockchain technology suffered a little, and amounted to USD 4.4 billion. The same study forecasted that the market for blockchain technology will rise to a whopping USD 142.5 billion by 2027, thereby registering an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 64.2% over the time period between 2020 and 2027.

Blockchain Industry is Generating Tremendous Employment Opportunities

Blockchain technology is among the fastest growing disruptive technologies in the contemporary times. And as more money flows in the said space, the demand for job roles will also grow at the same rate. If you have got interest in the blockchain technology and are an active aspirant in the said industry, this is the best time to prepare and seek for a lucrative job. And there is nothing better than enrolling into blockchain certifications to train and develop a blockchain skillset, at the moment.

Certifications vs Degrees: What to Choose?

A certification would be a better choice over a degree course in blockchain technology, and we will be explaining the reasons for the same down below. However, a degree is considered more conducive to bagging a high-paying job, which is a big myth that has surrounded people for a long time. There are a number of reasons for certifications outweighing degrees in the current times. Here are a few of these:

• A typical certification program would last between four weeks and two years. In many cases, it can be even shorter. A degree program would certainly take longer on average to complete, as the typical degree courses would take a minimum two years, or even longer. And hence, certifications are much time-efficient.

• The access to certifications is much easier compared to a degree program. To acquire a degree, you might need to move to a different geographical location, need to physically join the learning classes, and operate in accordance with the university schedule. However, certifications can be acquired while being in the comfort of your homes. Even the certifying examinations are held online these days.

• Certifications are much more cost-effective compared to degree programs. They are likely to take significantly less time to obtain, plus, you don’t need to spend a dime on essential necessities like food, accommodation, etc.

• Certifications are skill, or subject-centric, compared to degree programs. For instance, if you have enrolled in a blockchain certification program that specializes in cryptocurrency-transaction management, it will specifically teach you about cryptographic transactions. However, a degree program in blockchain will be much more comprehensive, and will try teaching you multiple aspects of blockchain technology, i.e. smart contracts, cryptocurrency chatbots, etc.

• Degree courses are age-restrictive while certifications are not. People from different educational and professional backgrounds of any age can take up a certification program, which is not the case for university degree programs.

Brief Conclusion

We hope that by now, you have understood the value-proposition of certification programs, and its benefits over degree courses. For people coming from a different professional background and seeking a career in blockchain, certifications will prove to be the best aid for them to reach to their career goal. Also, you tend to develop communication skills while going through a certification program, as they are mostly run online, and as a result, you need to interact with the tutors virtually. Enrol for a blockchain certification today to amp up on your blockchain skillset, and for building a strong career foundation to your prospective future.


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