An Overview of the Quality of Higher Education in India

Many students prefer to go abroad for their higher education. Reasons are many but one of them is related to the quality of higher education India confers to its students. When world is going under so many technological advancements, still the education system in India is following the footsteps that were laid down hundreds of years ago by the Britishers. There are many flaws in the system which needs to be checked and removed for better education in future. There are few areas, if focused can completely change the present scenario of education in India.


Problems related to Financing To talk about the various government institutes like IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Roorkee et cetera, all have magnificent architecture and astronomical buildings. Government spends extravagantly on the different events that occur throughout the academic year but then when the issue comes about funding the researches, they don’t have enough of money for that. Thus, in spite of spending crores of rupees on the institution, nothing big has been achieved. Till date no IIT has ever produced a Nobel Laureate for the country. Government should look upon these issues seriously and check on the money spends for the upkeeping of the college.

Problems regarding teaching quality of the institution

If you have to look on the one side of the story then people of India are the one responsible of such state of the country, especially the education sector. In government schools, teachers barely give lectures. They just enjoy the perks and high salaries of their job without doing it. On the other hand teachers of private colleges are giving their best but due to low salaries, institute is unable to satiate their employees which in turn results in leaving the job vacant. Thus, it is a very serious problem that India is facing with respect to good teachers.


Inadequate facilities for carrying out researches First point states that there are not proper financing facilities available, consequences of which researches are not being carried out appropriately. The education system in India emphasizes more on the theoretical concepts that dealing with the practical or real life scenarios. Moreover, the education being provided doesn’t even meet the criteria of private sector companies too.

The aforementioned points have become the critical areas to look into, if one wants a quality education in the country. 100,000 Indian students are studying in various American Universities. If adequate facilities are provided in the country itself then these minds of talented students, which are studying abroad will help India to culminate towards success.


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