A New ERA for HR Leader Here

The talk of the business town is that CHROs are evolving. It is a no-brainer to guess what drives this evolution. Future of work, employee experience and Employee Engagement are some of the terms that have been embedded in the modern-day business lexicon. Many HR leaders strategize, spend a few (or more) sleepless nights anticipating the serpentine route of this change. However, all the conundrum regarding the change may open the flood gates to effective organizations of tomorrow.

One of the major questions that any hr leader has to answer is “how to align change management to organizational excellence?” This question is foremost to self even before it hits the board room and vents out answer in the form of an elaborate presentation. Often times business units feel that the HR not quite understands the workings of company. The major reason that it is learnt and never experienced. The HR and business unit divide is eternal and there are innumerable stories and parables about it.

People, however forget to address the elephant in the room. Contemporary CHROs bring business acumen and firsthand knowledge of various business functions as of the major hr leadership qualities. These leaders, unlike traditional leaders do not necessarily come from an HR background, but shift from other functions to the current role. The benefit, they understand how business functions work, the talent that will be a perfect fit. They partner and not nudge the leaders present at the board room.

Expertise cannot, however be overthrown over experience. Traditional HR leaders will continue to add the much needed expert outlook. Harvard Business Review states that contemporary HR leaders are more successful and The TOPCHRO 2019 infographic dissects the facts that weighs the traits of both the ends to come up with an objective outlook that is unbiased.


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