5 Simple Ways to Get your Wi-Fi Run Faster

No one wants to use a slow internet connection as it makes the experience of watching movies quite harder and even essential things like sending emails and receiving them becomes a challenge. When the social networking site would not load because of slow internet, it might be time to build your Wi-Fi signal powerful at home. Refer to any of the following tips to speed up your internet and boost your Wi-Fi signal.

  • Consider data cap

Data caps are one of the major culprits of slow internet speeds. ISPs do not publicize their data caps for apparent reasons; however, they can critically mess with your connection. A data cap indicates you can use a specific amount of data every month. If you go beyond your data limit, your ISP will restrict your internet speeds and you will experience terrible speed. You can check your internet bill to know whether or not you have a data cap. In case you keep going beyond your data cap each month, it is better to consult with your provider regarding a plan with a higher data limit.

  • Buy a newer, high-end router

The primary problem of experiencing slow internet is because of the aging router. Fortunately, there are several benefits to buy a brand new router, so you spend in more than excellent internet speeds. A latest router can also give you enhanced home security features and be attuned with a wider spectrum of devices. Extra compatibility and security assist homeowners interested in automating their home or making their network more protected.

  • Get your router repositioned

Find out if your router is located in some remote corner of your house? If yes, shift it. In case the Wi-Fi signal from the router cannot reach you, your internet connection will experience issues. Position your router in the middle of your house, possibly on whichever floor you go around on the most. If you spend maximum time in the living room on the first floor, place your router on that same level.

  • Block advertisements

Nearly each content provider showcases advertisements. You will find infinite ads, GIFs, pictures, and auto-played videos anywhere you go. Even if you do not mind seeing advertisements, your internet connection does. Ad media can make your internet connection work slowly, so at times it is easiest to simply block them. Set-up an ad-blocking plugin that will close down those auto-play videos and you will certainly experience faster connection.

  • Use Wi-Fi Extender to improve your present Wi-Fi Range

Wi-Fi extender is another way to enhance the Wi-Fi range. In case you buy Netgear Extender, then works as a web-based user interface which allows you to finish the process for Netgear extenders set-up manually. The default Netgear IP address is required to access the login page of mywifiext. In maximum cases, the default address is

  • Reset your router

This may sound simple, but at times resetting your router can enhance the speed of the internet. Just as restarting your computer can all of a sudden fix unidentified computer problems, rebooting your wireless router can ease internet connection issues and improve your speeds.
So, enjoy a faster internet connection now by following these simple steps.


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