4 Jungle Survival Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

A survival situation in a worst case scenario requires sheer luck, smartness, and beforehand preparation. With proper gear and prior knowledge about the various aspects of the survival situation, you can easily get out of the bad condition. If you go through some cases where families have to undergo a worst case scenario, you will find that the kids are the most vulnerable one.

Just as it is important for you to learn the necessary skills for surviving in a bad situation, it is your responsibility as a parent to enlighten your kids with some simple survival ways. To help you out, here are some basic survival skills that you must teach your little ones.

Positive Mental Attitude

The first thing that your children should know when getting stranded in a bad scenario is maintaining their attitude. Now, this can be difficult during a survival situation especially for kids, but a positive mindset can help them survive easily until help comes to them. Tell your kids that panic can make the situation much worse and will lead them to make bad decisions. Although it is not easy for kids to keep their emotions in check, being a parent you should educate them that fear is natural during an emergency situation. Show them various references and teach them how to sit back and relax and think about the situation before making any judgment.

Search for a Reliable Water Source

Discuss the general rule of human survival; which means you should make them aware of the fact that a human body can survive weeks without food, but not more than three days without drinking water. You must mention the importance of keeping the body hydrated especially during a survival situation and guide them on lessons describing how to find an authentic source of drinking water. Demonstrate an experiment by showing them how to draw moisture beneath the ground, as well as, different ways to purify and store the water.

Get a Shelter Built

The next useful survival skill for kids is being able to defend themselves against the natural elements such as heat, cold, rain, and wind. Discuss shelter option with your little ones when you are on a visit to a wildlife reserve. For example, if you visit the Tadoba National Park, teach them how to find a shelter if they are stranded in a situation when help is away and how to build their shelter until they are secured and brought back to the Tadoba National Park resorts. You should brief them about the right place and materials required for creating a shelter in case they have to spend a night in the jungle.  

Teach Them How to do Fishing

Plan a weekend fishing session with your children and tell them how to gather the materials for building fishing hook. Also, make them understand the importance of patience while searching for food.

Final Thoughts

Parenting requires a lot of thought process and one of them includes how you train your kids for a survival situation. Hopefully, you are now groomed with these helpful tips and can easily teach your children the ways to survive in a jungle when they are in distress.


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