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Portal 2 continues the series

Posted by Jackson Denny, Wednesday, 27th April 2016 @ 7:06pm

  • Portal 2 is a game that invites you in a world where distance and obstacles are easy to defeat and despite the fact that the competition is not a big characteristic of the game, the action keeps you plugged in and the dialogues are pretty funny and they manages to crack the monotony in some moments - get the best fun.

    The best things about this game are definitely the puzzles that challenge you all the time, the old elements that have impressed in the first game and also the new ones which have managed to take the game at a different level. The fact that this game is actually a continuation of the first game and the presence of the old characters are a big strong point. The new coop campaign even make you to play this game online - sign up to play.

    Portal 2 continues the series Portal by solving a couple of mysteries from the first game, but also adding new ones in order to keep you plugged in the portals world and the future. This game doesn’t want to copy the first one, but rather wants to improve it. While you advance in the game you will convince yourself about the fact that the adventure and the new characters take you to a familiar land, but still you will be eager to discover all details.

    Aperture Science, the big robot that hates you manages to make you fight like hell to solve the puzzles even though at some point you will have the feeling that they will never end. The acid, sarcastic lines of Glados give a charm to the game and preserve a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

    Portal 2 introduces a new character, Al the fun robot that is pretty similar to a ball and helps you to pass over many obstacles created by Glados – at first you don’t trust this robot, but in the end you will see that it is trustworthy and a real help for you.

    After a couple of missions and puzzles (not too many) you will find the weapon that can create portals – The Portal Gun. You will have a tutorial and a couple of easy missions that give you the chance to get used with the weapon, but keep in mind that the missions start without notice to be harder, but at the same time eye catching since you can easily find yourself in the situation to have waste a couple of hours in front of the computer without realizing.

    The game has a cooperative mode which is pretty fun and gives you the chance to play it with friends, to solve puzzles together and to laugh about each other mistakes.

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