How Facebook Influences The Evolution Of Live Video Streaming

Facebook is used by billions of people all over the world. Many people use it for entertainment and to get connected to their friends and family. Social media helps make new friends from all around the world. You can get to know about their culture, festivals, etc. Many relatives live in different places in the world. Facebook helps get connected to them and know what is happening in their lives. 


Live streaming is greatly influenced by Facebook. Just like seeing pictures and talking to people on messages you can start a live stream which your friends and family can get connected to and know about your life.

Many people living abroad get married there. Their other relatives live in some other parts of the world and due to high expenses or the workload or any other issue, they don’t get a chance to attend your wedding in person. Facebook live streaming options makes it possible for them to virtually attend your weddings, birthdays or other main events. 
Many influential people share their life stories or events from their lives through a Facebook live stream which is very similar to bbc world live streaming. All the people who like you are interested to know more from your life can easily watch Facebook live video and share your happy or sad moments.

Nowadays bloggers are getting paid the highest and what they do is record videos or sometimes even add a live video for their fans and followers to see and praise them. They share events from their life, either good or bad and let the people know about them.

People also do business using a live video stream. They explain the details about their products and let the viewer’s know about them better so that they can buy. This helps small businesses to market their products. Many people watch social media so the small businesswoman or even men can earn profits from their home. People can start a small side business with their jobs to earn more profit and this live streaming option can be very beneficial for them.

News channels can also use this Facebook live stream option to update more people because most of the people prefer to get updated using social media. People use social media to relax rather than watching the news so many news channels have also started live streaming now on Facebook.

Live video evolution and Facebook:

Facebook can be called the mother of live streaming because the first social site which became popular was Facebook. People made small live videos on Facebook which became popular and from there the trend of live streaming arose. This live video streaming was meant for the closed family and friends to know what was happening in their lives. 

This gave the idea to the news broadcasters and local businessmen to make use of this platform as much as possible. Now you can see many live videos daily being uploaded on Facebook. Many live videos from the conferences can also be seen such as the Cricket board. Cricketers talk about the failures/ success in live videos for their fans to support them and know if something went wrong somewhere what was the mistake.

Many celebrities also make use of these live video streaming to talk to their fans and followers and answer their questions to make their followers network strong because the more the followers, the more you are a great actor. 

Facebook provided the ground for live video to be recorded which later got so popular that many news channels got this idea of a live stream through which they can update people from different parts of the world about various topics.


Many people got this idea of light streaming from Facebook. This helped them get better profits from their businesses, many people watched news live stream to stay updated and there started a new era where these live streams just got better with the introduction of the new cameras and technologies. All around the world many celebrities and public figures communicate with their fans through this live video stream. Live streaming got better during the last few years due to advancements and more usage. People from every age use this feature and the people love to share their lives through live videos with their closed ones.


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